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Mountain Biking on Bear Lake: What to Know


Bear Lake is quite simply a mountain biker’s paradise. This incredible area is famous for its stunning blue lake that straddles the line between Utah and Idaho, but it is also well-known for its copious biking opportunities for various skill levels.

Whether you want to zoom around the lake on water skis, relax in your rental home while enjoying peaceful views, or bike along steep mountain trails, Bear Lake is perfect for you. This 109 square-mile lake is surrounded by incredible trail systems that are perfect for getting some mountain biking during your stay at a Bear Lake Luxury rental.

This region is ideal for summertime activities, including its expansive trail options for mountain biking. Offering high-mileage road routes, family-friendly paths, steep and challenging mountain trails, and everything in between, there is something for all levels of bikers in Bear Lake. 

Here is your guide to mountain biking around Bear Lake!

Mountain Biking Trails Around Bear Lake

Bear Lake and its surroundings are amazing for bike enthusiasts. From casual, paved rides through town to exhilarating single-track routes and jump trails through forests, canyons, and even beaches, there is something for every rider. 

If you don’t have your own bike and equipment or simply don’t feel like hauling them along on your vacation, there are multiple outfitters in the region where you can rent bikes, helmets, and other gear for the day. They’re also extremely knowledgeable and can give you the inside scoop on the Bear Lake trail systems.

Bear Trail

Photo by Jacob Boomsma

For a casual ride suitable for the whole family, check out the 4.5-mile paved Bear Trail. This easy ride follows the Bear Lake shores and provides unforgettable views. As you pass through Garden City, stop for a famous raspberry shake at the charming Hometown Drive In

The trail begins at Ideal Beach or Harbor Village and is a point-to-point route. Free parking is available on either end of the route. 

The Bear Lake Road Biking Path

Consider the Bear Lake Road Biking Path around Bear Lake for a more challenging road bike route with unbeatable views. Start this 52-mile route in Garden City and enjoy incredible views of Bear Lake as you bike past Meadowville and St. Charles.

The high mileage may be intimidating, but the route is only moderately challenging as it is generally flat with a few rolling hills. There are plenty of places to stop along the way for snacks, drinks, the restroom, or even a leisurely meal. Locals recommended riding this loop clockwise for the ideal views of Bear Lake. 

Hodges Canyon Trail #28

Photo by Hitdelight

Hodges Canyon Trail #28 is a fantastic option for a fun and fast downhill ride! This 6-mile trail starts at the Upper Hodges Canyon parking area and winds downhill on a dirt road toward Bear Lake. You can pick up quite a bit of speed on this ride, making it a lot of fun for intermediate to experienced riders. 

It is generally recommended that you run a shuttle for this route, leaving one car parked at the bottom and taking another to the top parking area. If you only have one car, start at the bottom so you can end your ride on the fun downhill. 

Bear Lake Summit to Meadowville Trail

Enjoy the unique terrain on this 15.5-mile point-to-point trail. You will bike through mixed conifer forests and through a unique area of depressions in the ground known as the Sinks. 

Start your ride at the Bear Lake Summit for an easier downhill ride, or start in Meadowville for a more difficult trail. If you want to complete this trail as a one-way ride, be sure to park a car at each trailhead or plan another transportation option. The trail can be ridden as a 31-mile out-and-back trail for those seeking a difficult workout. 

You will be glad that this route is only open from mid-June to mid-October. The second coldest temperatures ever recorded in the continental US were along this trail! 

Laketown Canyon Trail

Photo by Foryoui3

Check out the Laketown Canyon Trail if you are an experienced biker looking for a fun and challenging ride. This 7-mile out-and-back trail begins at the rodeo arena in Laketown before heading off into a remote tract of wilderness. You will follow a winding dirt road through an exposed area before reaching a gorgeous aspen forest. 

Prepare to get wet because you will be crossing a babbling stream seven times each way on this ride. A reservoir halfway up the trail and a spring at the top are great locations for spotting wildlife. 

This trail is open to ATVs, horses, and hikers, so remember the right-of-way rules along the trail and always yield to horses. 

Swan Creek Mountain and Hiking Trail

For a moderately challenging 4.5-mile loop that is open from April through November, check out the Swan Creek Mountain Trail. Starting in Lakota, this trail is mostly flat, with a few steep sections to get your heart rate up. Part of the trail is along US 89, and you should be cautious in the summer months when traffic may be heavy along the road. 

Logan Canyon Trails

Photo by Parker Covieo

The Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway is home to over 20 bike trails of varying difficulty. This area is only a short drive from Bear Lake and is a perfect destination for an exciting day filled with mountain biking. 

Check out the Beaver Creek Family Ride, which, as the name suggests, is a great route for groups with kids or less experienced bikers. For experienced riders, consider the Bunchgrass, Steam Mill Canyon, or Perry Canyon trails, all rated as more difficult options. 

Outfitters and Rentals


Bike Barn

  • Address: 485 N Bear Lake Rd, Garden City, UT 
  • Phone number: (435) 946-3454

Located at the Bear Lake KOA in Garden City, the Bike Barn is a great option for all kinds of bike rentals and is also a bike shop if you need any repairs. Some of their offerings include traditional mountain bikes, e-bikes, trikes, banana bikes, and the unique four-person surrey. They have bikes suitable for children and adults. 

Firefly Power Bike Rentals

  • Address: 2089 S Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT 
  • Phone number: (877) 446-2453

Rent an e-bike or other outdoor equipment at Firefly Power Bike Rentals in Garden City. The e-bikes can be pedaled like a normal bike, or flip the switch and enjoy an easy ride as the battery-powered motor propels you along! An e-bike would make the 52-mile loop around Bear Lake easy enough for anyone. 

Epic Adventure Center

  • Address: 201 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT
  • Phone number: (435) 946-3742

Open year-round and offering rentals of just about any outdoor equipment you can think of, Epic Adventure Center in Garden City is a great place to get your bike rental. They have e-bikes for summer use, which are perfect for paved trails, dirt roads, and mild off-road trails. In winter, you can rent a fat tire mountain bike which is suitable for groomed snowy areas or dirt trails. 

Grab Your Bike and Go!

When you rent a vacation home in beautiful Bear Lake, there is endless potential to get in touch with the wild surroundings. This stunning area is a fantastic destination for outdoor recreation, such as mountain biking. Pack your bags and your bike helmet, it’s time to see Bear Lake from the trails! 

A Visitor’s Guide to Summer on Bear Lake

Photo by Brett Taylor Photography

Often referred to as the “Caribbean of the Rockies,” Bear Lake is possibly best known for its gorgeous vibrant blue color. The lake has a unique topography that lends itself to fantastic activities in warm and cold weather seasons. 

Summer in Bear Lake is the perfect season to make the most of the lake itself, with swimming, water sports, SCUBA diving, fishing, and kayaking as some of the most popular activities. Around the lake, you can head out for hiking, horseback riding, and other outdoor recreation in this stunning region of the United States. 

Take your summer vacation to the next level when you book a trip to beautiful Bear Lake. Equally divided between the scenic states of Idaho and Utah, this mesmerizing lake is home to endless exciting activities to make your vacation unforgettable. Read on for what you can look forward to on a Bear Lake getaway this summer. 


Photo by Dudarev Mikhail

There are nearly endless hiking opportunities in the area surrounding Bear Lake, and hiking is one of the top activities for a summer vacation. From easy strolls through Bear Lake State Park to intense backcountry hikes and everything in between, there are great hiking trails for everyone at Bear Lake. 

Limber Pine Trail

Set high above Bear Lake along the Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway is the 1.4-mile Limber Pine Trail. This loop provides a stunning hike, culminating in the massive 560-year-old limber pine for which the trail was named. This ancient tree is actually five trees growing together and is an amazing sight. 

Throughout the loop, you can catch glimpses of the turquoise waters of Bear Lake far below. Stop at one of the benches along the trail for a picnic lunch with an unforgettable view. 

Laketown Canyon Trail

Starting at the rodeo arena in Laketown, this 7-mile out-and-back trail takes you through aspen groves and sagebrush-covered hills. The Laketown Canyon Trail is perfect for a summertime hike because you will cross a stream seven times, giving you a chance to cool off in the cool mountain water. 

There is a reservoir halfway up the trail and a spring at the top of the trail, providing opportunities for spotting thirsty wildlife. This trail is also open to mountain bikers, horseback riders, and ATVs. 

Sink Hollow Trail

About 20 minutes from Bear Lake, you will find the trailhead for the beautiful Sink Hollow Trail. Near the Beaver Mountain ski area, this trail is much more pleasant to hike in the summer months when it isn’t covered in feet of snow. The 9-mile route takes you through sagebrush meadows, aspen groves, pine forests, and finally to Horse Lake, the perfect place to stop for lunch before heading home. 

Bear Trail

This 4.5-mile paved trail is fantastic for an easy walk along the lake and through the charming town of Garden City, where you can stop for a mid-hike coffee or ice cream treat. Enjoy beautiful views of the lake on this family-friendly hike that is easily accessible for everyone. Bear Trail is also suitable for bikes and horses. 

Bear Lake Water Sports

Photo by EpicStockMedia

With over 160 square miles of stunning turquoise water, there is plenty of room for all kinds of water sports at Bear Lake. Lake activities here are heavy on the watercraft! Think water skiing, wake boarding, and jet skiing to experience the lake like the locals! 

Explore the beautiful lake with a canoe or kayak rental for a quiet day. This is a great way to get up close to wildlife that might be scared off by a boat’s motor and allows you to enjoy tranquil views of the lake. Afterward, you can laze around on the beaches that surround the lake.

Certified SCUBA divers are able to dive in the clear blue water, providing beautiful underwater scenes. The thriving marine life and ideal water conditions make Bear Lake one of the top dive sites in Idaho and Utah. Cisco Beach, along the east shore of Bear Lake, is considered the best dive spot in the lake. 

Pontoon boats, speedboats, fishing boats, jet skis, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and accessories can be rented at various outfitters around Bear Lake. 


Photo by TeodorLazarev

Bear Lake has fantastic fishing opportunities year-round. There are numerous local outfitters where you can rent a boat and gear or charter a guided fishing trip. The lake is home to a trophy cutthroat trout fishery producing record-breaking fish. Lake trout can also be found in the lake, sometimes reaching up to 30 lbs. 

In addition to trout, four species of fish are endemic to Bear Lake, providing a unique opportunity for anglers. These species are Bonneville cisco, Bonneville whitefish, Bear Lake whitefish, and Bear Lake sculpin. 

Please familiarize yourself with all the fishing regulations for the lake. A valid fishing license in Idaho or Utah is required to fish in Bear Lake. It is important to remember that all cutthroat trout with all fins intact (unclipped) must be released to protect the native fish population. 

Horseback Riding

Photo by Valeri Vatel

The Bear Lake area is very popular for horseback riding due to the high number of horse-friendly trails and endless stunning scenery. Whether you are a total beginner looking for a unique experience during your vacation or an expert equestrian seeking new trails, Bear Lake has something for everyone. 

You are welcome to bring your own horses, or you can book guided rides with one of the local tour operators. Pony Express Horseback Rides and MW Quarter Horses are great local guide services options.

Mountain Biking

Photo by Hitdelight

Trail adventurers will find many fantastic opportunities for mountain biking in the Bear Lake area. From casual rides through town to challenging routes through canyons, you have no shortage of memorable trails to bike during your vacation. 

Bear Trail

Bear Trail is 4.5 miles of paved surface, perfect for a casual ride with the whole family. Following along the shores of Bear Lake, the scenic ride takes you through quaint towns where you can stop for a snack or drink, especially the famous raspberry shakes in Garden City. 

The Bear Lake Road Biking Path

Enjoy incredible views of the entirety of Bear Lake when you ride this 52-mile loop around the lake. Though the mileage is high, the Bear Lake Road Biking Path is considered easy to moderate due to the relatively flat terrain. You can make stops in towns throughout the ride for snacks, drinks, or a restroom break. 

Pro tip: Ride this route clockwise for the best views. 

Bear Lake Summit to Meadowville Trail

This 15.5 point-to-point trail takes you through varying terrain, including mixed conifer forests and depressions in the landscape known as The Sinks. Either plan to park two cars, one at each trailhead, or make this a 31-mile round-trip ride.

Be glad you’re riding the Bear Lake Summit to Meadowville Trail in the summer; the second coldest temperatures ever recorded in the continental US were in the Sinks along this trail! 

Laketown Canyon Trail

Experienced bikers will love the Laketown Canyon Trail. This 7-mile out-and-back route starts at the rodeo arena in Laketown and takes you along a winding dirt road with multiple creek crossings. Watch out for horses and hikers, but there are plenty of opportunities for some fast sections along this trail. 


Photo by Jacob Boomsma

The weather in the Bear Lake area can vary wildly depending on the season. While the region is cold and best suited for skiing and snowboarding over the winter, summertime at Bear Lake is perfect for those who enjoy warmth and sunshine. 

Living up to its nickname as the Caribbean of the Rockies, temperatures can reach the mid-80s in the heat of July. Therefore, June through September are the best months to visit to play in the water and avoid the chilly temperatures common in the other months. 

Summertime Perfection Around Bear Lake

Have the summertime lake getaway of a lifetime when you book a vacation home at the stunning Bear Lake. So pack your swimsuit and sunscreen and prepare for an unforgettable summer at your Bear Lake Luxury Rental.

Kayak Rentals Around Bear Lake

Photo Credit: Andriy Blokhin

Bear Lake, tucked right between Idaho and Utah, is a beautiful freshwater lake that lures visitors in from all over the world. With breathtaking mountain views and vibrant blue waters, it’s no surprise that kayaking has become one of the most popular ways to explore Bear Lake! 

While popular activities like paddle boarding, jet skiing, and water skiing are often the first things that come to mind at the lake, nothing beats a peaceful paddle. Whether you’re a kayaking aficionado or are simply looking for a fun peaceful activity out on the water while staying with Bear Lake Luxury Rentals, you’ll be truly enchanted the one of a kind kayaking here. 

To get in on the fun, you don’t even have to own a kayak, as there are a plethora of options for Bear Lake kayak rentals. In this guide, we’ll cover all the best options for kayak rentals on Bear Lake, along with some insider tips on how to have the best experience kayaking Bear Lake. 

Kayak Rentals Options

There are several fantastic options for Bear Lake kayak rentals, no matter what part of Bear Lake you are staying at.

Bear Lake Fun

Photo Credit: Antonio Guillem
  • North Beach Rentals: 535 East Shore Rd, St. Charles Idaho
  • Rendezvous Beach Rentals: 1153 W 1220 N, Laketown, UT 
  • Marina Rentals: 940 Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT
  • Website: bearlakefun.com

Bear Lake Fun is a larger rental group based at Bear Lake that specializes in motorized rentals like sea-doos, fishing boat, and ski boat rentals but also rents a few different types of non-motorized watercraft rentals like stand up paddle boards (SUPs), water trampolines, and kayaks.

One of the kayaks available for rent is a single-person, sit-inside style kayak. The other kayak style they have available for rent is a two-person, tandem kayak where you sit on the top rather than inside. Additionally, Bear Lake Fun even has a three-person canoe on-site for rent. 

There are three different Bear Lake Fun rental locations around the lake that offer kayak rentals. All of Bear Lake Fun’s kayak rentals include paddles and life jackets. 

Bear Lake Water Adventures

Photo Credit: Leo’s Bear Lake Water Adventures

Bear Lake Water Adventures is a small, locally-run rental shop located right on the water at Garden City Park Beach. Leo, the owner, will carry your paddle board rental equipment right to the edge of the water to help make your rental experience as seamless as possible. 

All kayak rentals from Bear Lake Water Adventures include paddles and life jackets, and you can either rent by the hour or elect for an all-day rental. 

Pro Tip: Bear Lake Water Adventures has some of the lowest rates for Bear Lake kayak rentals, so this is a fantastic rental option if you’re looking for a good deal with friendly service. 

Epic Recreations

Photo Credit: Aleksey Boyko

Located in Garden City, Utah, Epic Recreations is a group in North Beach State Park that specializes in renting outdoor recreation equipment. Within their vast selection of water sports and winter equipment, Epic Recreations has two-person, sit-on-top style kayaks available for rent to use on Bear Lake. 

If you would like to rent a kayak from Epic Recreations, you can stop by the Epic Rentals and Marina location to splash in directly in front of the rental area, or if it’s more convenient you can grab a kayak rental from their Epic Adenture Center and drive it to a load in spot of you choice around the lake! 

The benefit of the latter is that you are able to take your kayak rental anywhere on the lake, unlike with other companies where you might have to stay within set boundaries. 

Bear Lake Rentals

Photo Credit: Dmitry Molchanov

Bear Lake Rentals is located within the private Blue Water Beach Resort, where only hotel guests and guests renting from Bear Lake Rentals can access the private beach. 

Along with boats and jet skis, Bear Lake Rentals has two-person sea kayaks available for rent, including life jackets, paddles, and instructions. 

Pro Tip: Bear Lake Rentals is an excellent place to rent a kayak if you want to enjoy access to a private beach and beat the Bear Lake summer crowds. 

North Bear Rentals

Photo Credit: Brocreative

North Bear Rentals has the biggest variety of kayaks available in their fleet of any of the other Bear Lake kayak rental options. At North Bear Rentals, you can choose from a kids kayak, single kayaks, a double-person kayak, and even a triple-person kayak! North Bear Rentals also has some of the lowest rental rates around. 

If you want to rent from North Bear Rentals, be sure to arrive early,  although they have four different options for kayak rentals, they only have one or two of each kayak available in their fleet. 

North Bear Rentals is located about a 10-minute drive from the beach, so you will need to either transport your kayak rentals to the beach in your own vehicle or inquire about their trailer service to help get your kayaks to the beach. 

Keep in mind you will need to be 18+ with a valid driver’s license to rent kayaks from North Bear Rentals. 

Family Fun Kayaking Around Bear Lake

Kayaking Bear Lake is a fun solo activity and also a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy lake time together. Although some rentals have an age criterion for renting, once you are on the water, the paddling is easy enough for beginners. 

Kayaking in Bear Lake is a fantastic way to enjoy the thrill of boating without the hassle or expenses associated with renting a motorboat. Kayaks are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and easy for beginners to learn how to ride!

Kayaking is a fantastic workout as well and a fun way to explore the lake while staying active. Paddling a kayak around Bear Lake is a great way to explore the lake’s different features and take in the scenery of the surrounding mountains from a unique perspective. 

Requirements for Bear Lake Kayak Rentals

Requirements for kayak rentals on Bear Lake vary, although some rental shops have a checklist to tick before renting. Some of the criteria include:

  • Age and ID: An adult aged 18+ with a valid driver’s license to be the one renting the kayaks. 
  • Life Jackets: Additionally, each person in the kayak needs to have a life jacket on board at all times while in the water. 
  • Waiver: You will likely also need to sign a waiver.
  • Boundaries: For safety reasons, most Bear Lake kayak rental shops will require you to stay within a specific boundary on the lake. 

Happy Paddling on Bear Lake

In conclusion, Bear Lake is a fantastic destination for kayaking enthusiasts and beginners alike. With its crystal clear waters and breathtaking scenery, kayaking on Bear Lake is a remarkable experience. These kayak rental shops also happen to be close to our Bear Lake vacation home rentals. From modern lodges to Cedar farmhouses, we can accommodate large groups. Come for the comfort; stay for the adventure!

A First Timer’s Guide to the Bear Lake Trifecta

Photo Credit: idahohighcountry

Are you planning to participate in the Bear Lake Trifecta race for the first time? Or maybe you’re just planning to observe the event and support your friends or family members who are running? Either way, you’re in for a treat because this fun event is rapidly becoming one of America’s most beloved races.

Since 2008 the Bear Lake Trifecta has offered a challenging but rewarding three-day running event that takes place in not one, not two, but three of the most beautiful states that surround the 109 square miles of Bear Lake

Book your vacation home rental, and grab your running shoes or your pom poms! Here’s everything you need to know to make the most out of attending the Bear Lake Trifecta. 

About the Bear Lake Trifecta

The Bear Lake Marathon Trifecta is a three-day event that takes place in three different western states: Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. The event features both full and half marathons each day, and Utah even includes a 5k in addition to their half and full marathons. All of the races feature rolling hills and beautiful mountain views to make for a challenging but fun run. 

The Bear Lake Trifecta values simplicity. The emphasis of the event is on the races themselves and the scenic surroundings of the courses. The Bear Lake Trifecta does not have live music or elaborate expos, but all runners DO receive excellent support along the course and fantastic SWAG bags along with phenomenal views of Bear Lakes’ best beaches and mountain topography.


If you’re striving to visit all 50 states or to run a marathon in all 50 states, the Bear Lake Trifecta is a fantastic opportunity to knock off three of the most beautiful from your running bucket list. 

All of the start and finish lines are within 45 minutes of one another, meaning you can easily base yourself right on Bear Lake and be within just a short drive of each race, whether you wish to participate or spectate in the races. 


The Bear Lake Trifecta always takes place in early June over the course of three separate days. At this time of year, the weather is usually quite pleasant and not too hot for racing! While 2022 was a bit warm, the temperature for the races in past years has averaged from the high 60s to the low 70s. 

What to Expect

The Bear Lake Trifecta is a relatively small event, and historically, there have only been about 50 people in each marathon, which makes for a fun and intimate race experience. 

Each race also takes place somewhere between 6000 and 6500 feet above sea level. Although aside from rolling hills, the races have relatively little elevation change. The majority of the terrain for each race consists of unpaved trails. 

The Races

Here is a breakdown of the three states’ participation in the event! 

Idaho Races

  • Races: Full and Half Marathon
  • Starting Point: St. Charles, ID

The Idaho Full Marathon and Half Marathon courses start just outside of North Beach State Park. The course features rolling hills, lake views, and fully stocked aid stations. The courses are out and back and rated as fairly easy, despite the hills, which bring about a little elevation gain. The race starts in St. Charles, Idaho

Wyoming Race

  • Races: Full and Half Marathon
  • Starting Point: Cokeville, WY

The Wyoming segment of the Bear Lake Trifecta takes place in the quaint small town of Cokeville, Wyoming. The course is out and back, with aid stations located about every 2 miles. The Wyoming course is the flattest of the three, although you’ll still experience some elevation gain and beautiful views over the course of the race. 

Utah Race

  • Races: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K
  • Starting Point: Garden City, UT

Finally, the Utah race of the Bear Lake Trifecta takes place right in the popular summer destination of Garden City, Utah. This out and back also features long rolling hills and lake views, and it’s also the race with some of the biggest hills and highest elevation gain. 

Cost of the Bear Lake Trifecta

Historically, each race of the Bear Lake Trifecta costs between $135 and $165 for the half and full marathons, respectively, and around $42 forth 5K in Utah. 

If you plan to run all three races, you can receive a discount by purchasing race entry for all three as a bundle. Typically, the earlier in advance you register for the races, the less you’ll pay.

Registration for the races also lands you a commemorative T-Shirt, medal, and a SWAG bag full of goodies from the race’s sponsors.  

2023 Bear Lake Trifecta

  • Idaho Dates: June 8th
  • Wyoming Dates: June 9th
  • Utah Dates: June 10th
  • Pre-race Packet Pick Up: 88 S. Bear Lake Boulevard, Garden City, UT
  • Website: runbearlake.com

The 2023 Bear Lake Trifecta takes place from June 8th to June 10th. The pre-race packet pick-up takes place June 7th at the Water’s Edge Resort from 4 pm to 7 pm. However, no worries if you can’t make it on June 7th because competitors can also pick up their packets the morning of race day. Check the race website for pick-up locations.

Awards will be distributed to the overall age group winners after each race, and there will also be an award ceremony on Saturday afternoon.

Once participants cross the finish line, they can refuel post-race at the food vendors that are set up at the finish line for each race. 

Starting Locations

All races start at 7 pm with these starting places: 

  • Idaho: Epic North Beach, 6668 North Beach Road, St Charles, ID
  • Wyoming: Hideout Motel, 10763 US Hwy 30, Cokeville, WY
  • Utah: Firehouse Pizzeria, 50 S Bear Lake Boulevard, Garden City, UT

Time Limits

For safety reasons, all races have a time limit of 7 hours for the Full Marathons and 5 hours for the Half Marathons. 

Spectating the Bear Lake Trifecta

Not a runner? No problem! Spectating the Bear Lake Trifecta is a fun, easy, and highly appreciated way to be a part of this event. The Bear Lake Trifecta is a smaller, more low-key race, which means spectating areas are relatively quiet, and additional cheer sections are always appreciated!

Running a marathon, half marathon, and even a 5k is hard work, and having people watching the race along the course and cheering makes a huge difference and makes the race that much easier.

You can find each course map on the Bear Lake Run under the routes and schedule section of the event website, so you know exactly where to go to cheer on the runners. 

Get Ready to “Conquer the Bear” in the Bear Lake Trifecta

With its scenic routes, rolling hills, and beautiful mountain views, this three-day marathon event Bear Lake Trifecta is a three-day unique, and challenging event. 

Let Bear Lake Luxury Rentals help you find the perfect place to train and recover! We have luxury vacation homes to fully accommodate you and your cheering squad! So mark your calendars for June 8th to June 10th, start training, and get ready to be a part of this fun event!

Paddle Board Rentals Around Bear Lake

Photo Credit: NicoElNino

Nestled in the mountains of Utah and Idaho lies the stunning Bear Lake. With crystal-clear waters, breathtaking mountain vistas, and luxurious cabin rentals, Bear Lake is the perfect place to spend long summer days on the water, soaking up the sun and enjoying the natural freshwater lake.

One of the best ways to explore Bear Lake is by taking up one of the many available water sports with rental options around the lake. We’re talking kayaks, jet skis, sea doos, getboards, waterskiing, fishing boat rentals, and of course, stand-up paddle boards (SUPs)!

Not only do paddlers get a great workout, but it’s also a fantastic way to explore the lake as a family or group.

If you don’t have your own paddle board to use at Bear Lake, you’re in luck; there are several fantastic options for Bear Lake SUP rentals all over the lake. In this guide, we will cover all the places where you can rent paddle boards in Bear Lake.

The Best Places for Bear Lake Paddle Board Rentals

No matter where you’re staying on the lake, you won’t be far from a place to rent a paddle board! Here are the best places for Bear Lake paddle board rentals.

Bear Lake Fun

Photo Credit: Photobac
  • North Beach Rentals: 535 East Shore Rd, St. Charles, ID
  • Rendezvous Beach Rentals: 1153 W 1220 N, Laketown, UT
  • Marina Rentals: 940 Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT
  • Website: bearlakefun.com

Bear Lake Fun is a large rental company in Bear Lake that owns several different rental shops all over Bear Lake, including St. Charles, Laketown, and Garden City. Each offers different adventure options, including kayaks, wakeboards, and stand-up paddle boards!

Bear Lake Fun rental shops have two types of paddle boards available for rent: a premium lightweight fiberglass SUP and a plastic SUP.

Paddle board rentals are available in increments of 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours.

Pro Tip: There is also a location in North Beach State Park, making it an ideal way to access one of the lake’s best beaches by paddle board!

Bear Lake Water Adventures

Photo Credit: Leo’s Bear Lake Water Adventures

Bear Lake Water Adventures is a small rental shop on the water in Garden City, Utah, that offers standard paddle board rentals at hourly and full-day rates.

Their all-day rate is one of the best deals for Bear Lake paddle board rentals, so this shop is a great rental option if you want to save money.

Epic Recreations

Photo Credit: Uldis Laganovskis
  • Epic Adventure Center: 201 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City UT
  • Bear Lake Boat Tours: 2410 S Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City UT
  • Hot Springs and Rentals: 6668 North Beach Road, St Charles, ID
  • North Beach State Parks: 3890 N Beach Rd, St Charles, ID
  • Website: epicrecreation.net

Epic Recreations is an outdoor recreation sports rental company in Bear Lake that offers all types of recreation equipment, including e-bike rentals, water trampolines, standard paddle boards, and blow-up paddle boards from several locations around Bear Lake.

Epic Recreations offers an 11’6” stand-up paddle board for rent and an XL paddle board that holds a whopping eight people. Their XL paddle board is 17 feet long and comes with eight life jackets and eight paddles.

Paddle boards from Epic Recreations are available in increments of 1,2,4, and 8 hours.

Additionally, Epic Recreation offers paddle boarding tours around the lake! However, tours are only available from their Bear Lake Boat Tours location in Garden City.

Bear Lake Rentals

Photo Credit: Chase Clausen

Bear Lake Rentals is another fantastic place to rent paddle boards on Bear Lake. Bear Lake Rentals is located in Garden City, within the private Blue Water Beach Resort.

Although it is a private beach resort, anyone renting recreation equipment from Bear Lake Rentals is welcome to use the beach and access the lake from within the resort.

Bear Lake Rentals has fiberglass paddle boards available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. Unlike with their motorized rental equipment, they do not take reservations for paddle boards.

This is the best Bear Lake paddle board rental option if you’re looking to beat the crowds, as you have access to the private beach at Blue Water Resort when you rent from Bear Lake Rentals. Just keep in mind parking here is $10/car.

Paddle board rentals are available for rent in 1,2,3,4, and 8-hour increments.

North Bear Rentals

Photo Credit: Lilkin

Finally, you can rent a paddle board from North Bear Rentals. North Bear Rentals is located in Bloomington, just a 10 minutes drive from the north shore of Bear Lake.

While their location is less convenient than other beachfront paddle board rental options on Bear Lake, their prices are much lower. North Bear Rentals offers inflatable paddle boards and essential beach gear like sun shades, beach wagons, sand castle kits, beach towels, and wood.

So, if you don’t mind a short minute drive from the beach to pick up your paddle board, you’ll get a great deal. North Bear offers all-day rentals for their SUPs.

Reasons to Explore Bear Lake by Paddle Board

Paddle boarding is one of the best ways to experience Bear Lake because it offers a unique way to explore the sparkling, sapphire waters of the lake. Gliding across the waters of Bear Lake is not only fun but also very peaceful and an incredible workout!

Paddle boarding is an excellent way to explore the lake. For the calmest waters, take to Bear Lake on your paddle board earlier in the morning, before the afternoon winds pick up and wake forms from all the motorized boats.

Requirements for Bear Lake Paddle Board Rentals

Requirements for renting paddle boards and other watercraft on Bear Lake vary depending on the store. However, you will typically see these requirements:

  • Boundaries: You’ll be expected to stay within certain boundaries of the lake, as instructed by the rental company.
  • Age Limit: Some rental stores may require the renter to be over 18 and have a valid driver’s license.
  • Waiver: You will likely also need to sign a loss and liability waiver.
  • Safety Gear: A life jacket on every paddle board is required for every person on board.

Stay and Paddle on Bear Lake

Bear Lake offers many options for paddle board rentals, making it easy and convenient for visitors to explore the lake by paddle board. Whether you’re looking for a premium fiberglass board or a budget-friendly option, the above rental shops have got you covered.

So, next time you book a vacation home rental in Bear Lake, consider grabbing a paddle and viewing the shoreline from a different perspective!

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