Mountain Biking on Bear Lake: What to Know


Bear Lake is quite simply a mountain biker’s paradise. This incredible area is famous for its stunning blue lake that straddles the line between Utah and Idaho, but it is also well-known for its copious biking opportunities for various skill levels.

Whether you want to zoom around the lake on water skis, relax in your rental home while enjoying peaceful views, or bike along steep mountain trails, Bear Lake is perfect for you. This 109 square-mile lake is surrounded by incredible trail systems that are perfect for getting some mountain biking during your stay at a Bear Lake Luxury rental.

This region is ideal for summertime activities, including its expansive trail options for mountain biking. Offering high-mileage road routes, family-friendly paths, steep and challenging mountain trails, and everything in between, there is something for all levels of bikers in Bear Lake. 

Here is your guide to mountain biking around Bear Lake!

Mountain Biking Trails Around Bear Lake

Bear Lake and its surroundings are amazing for bike enthusiasts. From casual, paved rides through town to exhilarating single-track routes and jump trails through forests, canyons, and even beaches, there is something for every rider. 

If you don’t have your own bike and equipment or simply don’t feel like hauling them along on your vacation, there are multiple outfitters in the region where you can rent bikes, helmets, and other gear for the day. They’re also extremely knowledgeable and can give you the inside scoop on the Bear Lake trail systems.

Bear Trail

Photo by Jacob Boomsma

For a casual ride suitable for the whole family, check out the 4.5-mile paved Bear Trail. This easy ride follows the Bear Lake shores and provides unforgettable views. As you pass through Garden City, stop for a famous raspberry shake at the charming Hometown Drive In

The trail begins at Ideal Beach or Harbor Village and is a point-to-point route. Free parking is available on either end of the route. 

The Bear Lake Road Biking Path

Consider the Bear Lake Road Biking Path around Bear Lake for a more challenging road bike route with unbeatable views. Start this 52-mile route in Garden City and enjoy incredible views of Bear Lake as you bike past Meadowville and St. Charles.

The high mileage may be intimidating, but the route is only moderately challenging as it is generally flat with a few rolling hills. There are plenty of places to stop along the way for snacks, drinks, the restroom, or even a leisurely meal. Locals recommended riding this loop clockwise for the ideal views of Bear Lake. 

Hodges Canyon Trail #28

Photo by Hitdelight

Hodges Canyon Trail #28 is a fantastic option for a fun and fast downhill ride! This 6-mile trail starts at the Upper Hodges Canyon parking area and winds downhill on a dirt road toward Bear Lake. You can pick up quite a bit of speed on this ride, making it a lot of fun for intermediate to experienced riders. 

It is generally recommended that you run a shuttle for this route, leaving one car parked at the bottom and taking another to the top parking area. If you only have one car, start at the bottom so you can end your ride on the fun downhill. 

Bear Lake Summit to Meadowville Trail

Enjoy the unique terrain on this 15.5-mile point-to-point trail. You will bike through mixed conifer forests and through a unique area of depressions in the ground known as the Sinks. 

Start your ride at the Bear Lake Summit for an easier downhill ride, or start in Meadowville for a more difficult trail. If you want to complete this trail as a one-way ride, be sure to park a car at each trailhead or plan another transportation option. The trail can be ridden as a 31-mile out-and-back trail for those seeking a difficult workout. 

You will be glad that this route is only open from mid-June to mid-October. The second coldest temperatures ever recorded in the continental US were along this trail! 

Laketown Canyon Trail

Photo by Foryoui3

Check out the Laketown Canyon Trail if you are an experienced biker looking for a fun and challenging ride. This 7-mile out-and-back trail begins at the rodeo arena in Laketown before heading off into a remote tract of wilderness. You will follow a winding dirt road through an exposed area before reaching a gorgeous aspen forest. 

Prepare to get wet because you will be crossing a babbling stream seven times each way on this ride. A reservoir halfway up the trail and a spring at the top are great locations for spotting wildlife. 

This trail is open to ATVs, horses, and hikers, so remember the right-of-way rules along the trail and always yield to horses. 

Swan Creek Mountain and Hiking Trail

For a moderately challenging 4.5-mile loop that is open from April through November, check out the Swan Creek Mountain Trail. Starting in Lakota, this trail is mostly flat, with a few steep sections to get your heart rate up. Part of the trail is along US 89, and you should be cautious in the summer months when traffic may be heavy along the road. 

Logan Canyon Trails

Photo by Parker Covieo

The Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway is home to over 20 bike trails of varying difficulty. This area is only a short drive from Bear Lake and is a perfect destination for an exciting day filled with mountain biking. 

Check out the Beaver Creek Family Ride, which, as the name suggests, is a great route for groups with kids or less experienced bikers. For experienced riders, consider the Bunchgrass, Steam Mill Canyon, or Perry Canyon trails, all rated as more difficult options. 

Outfitters and Rentals


Bike Barn

  • Address: 485 N Bear Lake Rd, Garden City, UT 
  • Phone number: (435) 946-3454

Located at the Bear Lake KOA in Garden City, the Bike Barn is a great option for all kinds of bike rentals and is also a bike shop if you need any repairs. Some of their offerings include traditional mountain bikes, e-bikes, trikes, banana bikes, and the unique four-person surrey. They have bikes suitable for children and adults. 

Firefly Power Bike Rentals

  • Address: 2089 S Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT 
  • Phone number: (877) 446-2453

Rent an e-bike or other outdoor equipment at Firefly Power Bike Rentals in Garden City. The e-bikes can be pedaled like a normal bike, or flip the switch and enjoy an easy ride as the battery-powered motor propels you along! An e-bike would make the 52-mile loop around Bear Lake easy enough for anyone. 

Epic Adventure Center

  • Address: 201 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT
  • Phone number: (435) 946-3742

Open year-round and offering rentals of just about any outdoor equipment you can think of, Epic Adventure Center in Garden City is a great place to get your bike rental. They have e-bikes for summer use, which are perfect for paved trails, dirt roads, and mild off-road trails. In winter, you can rent a fat tire mountain bike which is suitable for groomed snowy areas or dirt trails. 

Grab Your Bike and Go!

When you rent a vacation home in beautiful Bear Lake, there is endless potential to get in touch with the wild surroundings. This stunning area is a fantastic destination for outdoor recreation, such as mountain biking. Pack your bags and your bike helmet, it’s time to see Bear Lake from the trails! 

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