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Top Bike Rentals Around Bear Lake

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With its crystal clear waters, breathtaking scenery, and pristine location tucked between the Wasatch and Bear River Mountain Ranges, it’s no surprise that Bear Lake is an excellent place for biking.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider looking for some thrilling mountain trails or simply looking to take a leisurely cruise along the lake, you’ll enjoy biking in Bear Lake.

Fortunately, Bear Lake has some great bike rental options near our vacation rental homes , so you can take full advantage of exploring this wonderful area. We’ll walk you through the best options for Bear Lake Bike rentals, along with some of the best biking trails around the lake.

Where to Rent a Bike Around Bear Lake

With miles of excellent trails for riding, Bear Lake is an excellent place for biking. However, there are only a few places where you can rent a bike in Bear Lake, and they are all in Garden City, Utah , on the southwestern side of Bear Lake.

Firefly Power Bike Rentals

  • Address: 2089 S Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT
  • Bikes: E-bikes, E-scooters, bike boxes

Firefly Power Bike Rentals is located in Garden City, Utah. As their name suggests, they rent out both E-Bikes and E-Scooters.

Firefly Power Bike Rentals has an impressive range of bikes and scooters available. Their E-bike inventory includes Rad City Electric Bikes, Radminis, Radrovers, Rize Leisure, and more.

For E-scooters, they have a Firefly Streak Electric Scooter, Mini Badger Electric Scooter, and Grizzly Electric Scooter.

Both their electric bikes and scooters can go up to 25 mph, so you can get around very quickly. However, you can always pedal around without the motor if you prefer a traditional ride.

In addition to E-Bikes and E-Scooters, Firefly Power Bike Rentals also offers a pet trailer/carrier, bike racks, and a bike box that’s great for carrying kids, pets, and gear.

If you’re looking for E-Bike rentals in Bear Lake, this is the best option. Additionally, since they specialize in bikes rather than boat rentals like other companies, this is a great rental option if you have any questions or need any help with your bike.

They also sell their E-Bikes and have a rent-to-buy option which is great if you want to try a bike out before committing to a purchase.

Bike Barn

  • Address: 485 N Bear Lake Rd, Garden City, UT
  • Bikes: E-bikes, trikes, banana bikes, surrey bikes

Another great Bear Lake bike rental option is the Bike Barn. Bike Barn is also located in Garden City, Utah, and it’s a little bike rental shack attached to the Bear Lake KOA.

Bike Barn has many bikes available for rental, including small and large Surrey bikes, trikes, banana bikes, and even E-bikes. If you’re looking for a simple bike to pedal around the Bear Lake bike path or a 4-seater Surrey for the whole family to ride around, this is a great rental option.

Epic Recreation Center

  • Address: 201 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT
  • Bikes: E-bikes, mountain bikes

Epic Recreation Center primarily rents out boats, off-roading vehicles, and snowmobiles. However, they also rent out an E-Bike for the summer and a fat tire mountain bike which is perfect for the wintertime in Bear Lake .

The E-Bike they rent out has a suspension fork, excellent handling, and an extended battery that make it perfect for driving around Bear Lake. The bike is ideal for riding on bike paths, as well as mellow, groomed trails and dirt roads.

The fat tire mountain bike is fun for riding in the snow. It’s got full suspension and is suitable for groomed and dirt trails. You can rent it in youth, medium, and adult sizes, and they are available for full-day, 24-hour rentals.

One of the best reasons to rent a bike from Epic Recreation Center is their helpful staff. They have trail maps available, are conveniently located near popular Bear Lake trailheads, and can help point you toward the best places to bike in Bear Lake.

Bear Lake Bike Trails

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Bear Lake and its surrounding areas have miles of great lakeside hiking and biking trails for all levels. You can choose to stick close to the lake and take in the stunning views of the water, or you can get out into the mountains on some more thrilling trails- the options are limitless! Here are some of the best trails around Bear Lake.

Bear Lake Legacy Pathway & Trail

If you’re looking for a fun, easy, leisurely cruise in Bear Lake with the family, the Bear Lake Legacy Pathway & Trail is the place to go. This 4.5-mile trail is mostly flat and runs from the Bear Lake State Park Marina to the Ideal Beach Resort .

Bear Lake Cruise

The Bear Lake Cruise is a full 51-mile loop around the lake. The route follows Hwy 89 and SR 30 on the lake’s western shore and goes along North Cisco Drive and East Cisco Drive on the eastern shore of the lake.

As the route runs along the bike lane off the main road, you’ll want to use caution and watch out for passing cars while biking this loop.

While the full 51-mile loop of the Bear Lake Cruise is a difficult but rewarding ride, you can also simply choose to bike a small portion of it, out and back, to get the same views but in less time.

Laketown Canyon Trail

The Laketown Canyon Trail is a short but difficult mountain biking trail that experienced riders will love. The trail is 3.5 miles each way and has moderate elevation gain, a few water crossings, and spectacular views.

St. Charles Canyon

The St. Charles Canyon Trail is a difficult but beautiful 10-mile trail through the St. Charles Canyon to the Minnetonka Caves , which are full of stalactites and stalagmites. Taking a guided tour is a great way to experience this trail in the summertime.

Stay and Bike in Bear Lake

There are plenty of unmissable activities around Bear Lake . If you want to get outdoors, explore the lake, and have some fun, biking in Bear Lake is one of the best ways to do just that.

The Bear Lake bike trails are great for both experienced riders seeking a thrill and casual cruisers who want to pedal along the lake with their family. The best part? You can easily rent a bike in Bear Lake from one of the local companies in Garden City near your vacation home rental .

You’re now ready to get out there and hit the trails!

How to Plan a Great Family Reunion in Bear Lake

It’s been years since you saw the cousins you used to run around the playground with. And your great aunt Nelly? She’s enjoying retirement in Palm Beach, but you know she’d love to see you. What if you could see everyone without the typical monotony of a family dinner?

It’s time for a family reunion — let us host you in one of our spacious, luxurious Bear Lake vacation rentals.

Family reunions are a fun and exciting way to reconnect with your extended family. Bear Lake, split in half by the Utah-Idaho border, is a perfect spot for a large family reunion!

Trust us; even the most critical aunts and uncles will enjoy the scenic and exciting destination of Bear Lake. This idyllic family reunion spot is a cornucopia of Mother Nature’s wonders, surrounded by spectacular mountains, tranquil sandy beaches, and turquoise blue waters.

And if your adventure-junkie brother craves a bit more action? Take him fishing , or bring the whole family to one of Bear Lake’s exciting golf courses . The dining options here are abundant, even for the vegetarian in the family. Not to mention there are family reunion picture-ready backdrops at every turn.

We’ll help take the stress out of planning with this guide on hosting the perfect family reunion at beautiful Bear Lake!

Why a Vacation Rental vs. Hotel for Family Reunions

There are many ways to get people together for a family reunion. But a dozen bookings in separate hotels can make it hard to organize events or plan full-family outings. It’s a recipe for miscommunication and the opposite of what a family reunion should be about; ease, connection, and fun. All of a sudden, the fun family trip turns stressful.

Bottom line? A spacious and cozy vacation rental is a way to go! Bear Lake Luxury Rentals has modern and luxurious rental properties for you to choose from, perfect for large groups or even your dysfunctional, giant family!

Here are a few more benefits of booking a Bear Lake Luxury rental.

More Amenities

Our listings have breathtaking views of rolling hills and majestic mountains, but we’ve also got the creature comforts covered as well. Each rental is equipped with modern essentials to keep each family member happy.

  • WiFi
  • Gas grills
  • Swimming pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Fireplaces
  • Fire pits
  • Game rooms

Sure, a hotel might have one hot tub or a lobby fireplace, but you’re not guaranteed access to them whenever you’d like or into the wee hours when the family game of UNO runs late.

Imagine BBQing with your family and catching up on the hotel patio, only to be interrupted with an “excuse me, could we share the grill?” You need more space and privacy for your family reunion, which brings us to the next benefit, the size of accommodations.

Bigger Property

Our Bear Lake rentals were chiseled and chosen with your giant family in mind. For example, the newly renovated Papa Bear Lodge has 6,500 square feet of rustic yet polished wooden finishes, accent lighting, and endless space.

Located in Garden City, Utah, it sleeps 52 people, with 15 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms! So spread out and settle into your own space while still enjoying time with your family. Many Bear Lake Luxury Rentals feature this expansiveness, perfect for entertaining yet accommodating solo time when needed!

Privacy and Freedom

Unlike the constant presence and intersecting of strangers in hotels and motels, renting a large-group vacation home allows for great privacy and freedom. So if your dad had too much to drink and can’t stop singing John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High, you won’t be bothered by any noise complaints at one of our rentals.

While you’re here, the vacation rental is yours . Feel free to run around the grounds, watch movies as loud as you’d like, stay up until the wee hours of the morning, sleep in, and make breakfast (the way YOU want to make it)!

Fewer Hidden Fees

Maybe you’re thinking: there’s absolutely no way my huge family will fit in a hotel. You’d probably have to spend a fortune on all those separate room bookings, but why not make your money go even further?

Hotels aren’t always transparent when it comes to pricing. Ever notice a surprise “administration charge” or “facility fee?”

Bear Lake Luxury Rentals are upfront and honest about every rental’s pricing. We offer a clear breakdown of the price, and when you book, that’s the price we’ll charge your credit card — no more, no less.

And if you have any questions? No more waiting for hours on hold or waltzing up to an empty reception desk. Call us directly at (435) 554-8237 or reach us through our contact page before you rent!

Group Activities in Bear Lake

Bear Lake offers endless fun and exciting group activities throughout the year. Here are some of our favorites for each season.

Summer: Boat and Swim on Bear Lake

Photo Credit: Kevin via Flickr CC2.0

A lake outing offers ample activity options for every personality. You can lounge on one of the gorgeous beaches and enjoy the lake view, pop up lunch on a picnic table, and the kids can make sand castles, and energetic family members can zip around on the water on SeaDoos or boats.

Looking for a tranquil, intimate activity with a close aunt or your spouse? Try a peaceful paddle trip on a kayak — and don’t worry, the kids are fine with their grandparents. Check out Bear Lake Funtime Rentals (Utah) or North Beach Rentals (Idaho) for kayak, pontoon wakeboard, and boat rentals .

Fall: Go for a Hike in Logan Canyon

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Everyone always talks about the gorgeous color-changing leaves during a Northeastern Fall, but have you ever seen leaves change against the stunning backdrop of Logan Canyon? Check out the Sink Hollow Trail if you’re visiting during the fall with your family. It’s a 9-mile round trip, making this a great all-day activity for a large group!

While you’re out there, pause to take in the scenery and take pictures of majestic elk, deer, and even moose! Then, enjoy a packed lunch, and chat with your relatives while on this stunning hike! You can even up the ante by mountain biking or renting ATVs — the perfect active bonding experience for close siblings, parents, and kids!

Bonus: Here in the winter? Rent a snowmobile and zip through the soft, fluffy snow as you take in stunning vistas of snow-tipped trees and icy rivers.

Winter: Bring Your Family to Beaver Mountain for Skiing

Photo Credit: Jeff Gunn via Flickr CC2.0

Many outdoor sports await you in Bear Lake during the winter. If you’re coming to Bear Lake, Utah, at the peak of the snow season, try a full-family ski trip to Beaver Mountain Ski Area .

This mountain area has slopes that fit the needs of many skiers and snowboarders and even provides lessons for little ones and new skiers! The mountain has full-day and half-day passes, which are affordable compared to other Utah ski favorites like Park City. Don’t have gear? Don’t worry! The ski area offers rentals.

Spring: Go Fishing in Bear Lake State Park

Photo Credit: On.My.BigfOot via Flickr CC2.0

Spring is a beautiful time to plan your family gathering at Bear Lake. This body of water is the second-largest freshwater lake in Utah. It’s home to many fish species, including the Bonneville Cisco, which lives exclusively in Bear Lake.

Fishing can be an amazing family bonding experience. Not only is there the camaraderie of casting your lines and celebrating each others’ catches, but also the unique opportunity to appreciate nature and learn a new hobby. Bear Lake State Park offers a marina to fish from, or you can rent a boat.

Bonus: Check out the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest ! Go ice fishing, run or walk in a 5K, and delight in free hot cocoa and treats for the whole family!

How to Plan a Bear Lake Family Reunion

Now you’re up-to-speed on why Bear Lake is the best destination for it; you’re ready to plan. Here are five easy steps to plan the perfect Bear Lake Family Reunion.

Plan a Loose Itinerary

Map out a few activities, so you can inform each family member what they should bring. List a couple of schedules and assess costs and considerations for each one.

Think about the make-up of your group. Are all activities family-friendly, or will someone have to plan a different outing with the kids? Do you need to book all tickets in advance, or could you offer some flexibility and spontaneity?

You should account for extra time to spend a day or two at the rental. This lightens the load on your wallet and allows people to relax.

Confirm Numbers

Send an invitation and ask for a reasonable RSVP. Knowing your final group size will help you plan grocery purchases, rental choices, and types of activities.

Find the Perfect Luxury Vacation Rental

Now that you’ve confirmed your guest numbers, you’re ready to book. Renting a large vacation lodge gives you the freedom, flexibility, and privacy that hotels could never offer. Browse our Bear Lake Luxury Rentals and book early to secure a spot.

Remember Why You Planned It

Planning is stressful — no doubt about it. And if you add your entire family’s needs, opinions, and behaviors to the mix? Not everything will go your way, and that’s okay. Remember, you planned this family reunion to reconnect with loved ones! So don’t sweat over the minor bumps along the way.

Enjoy Your Family Reunion in Bear Lake

Magic can happen at a family reunion. You’ll experience nostalgia, appreciation, and good ol’ fun with the people who know you best.

No matter where you go on Bear Lake, adventure and relaxation await you around every corner. We’d be delighted to help you plan your next family reunion. Explore Bear Lake Luxury Rentals to find the perfect vacation home!

Horseback Riding Around Bear Lake

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Outdoor enthusiasts can’t pick a better vacation destination than Bear Lake , which is split between Utah and Idaho. While this area has an abundance of activities to offer, horseback riding is an unmissable experience!

A stay in one of our vacation rental cabins puts you right in the middle of one of the most gorgeous natural areas in the country, where outdoor activities are available year-round.

For a unique vacation experience, cowboy up and go horseback riding during your time around the lake! We’ve rounded up the best on both guided and unguided riding, as well as how to prepare for your next trip to Bear Lake.

About Bear Lake

Bear Lake is a stunning natural lake located along the border of Idaho and Utah. Sometimes referred to as the “Caribbean of the Rockies” due to its bright blue water, the lake is popular for hiking, boating, fishing, and horseback riding.

This part of the country is excellent for outdoor enthusiasts, with endless opportunities for fun year-round. During your vacation here, you will have no issue finding new ways to enjoy the great outdoors!

Horseback Riding in Bear Lake

A wonderful way to get outside and explore the beauty of Bear Lake is by booking a half-day or full-day horseback ride. Whether new to riding or an accomplished equestrian, riding in this region is a unique and unforgettable experience.

There are numerous riding trails for those with their own horses, and all are well worth a visit. If you are interested in guided horse rides with a company that provides the horses and equipment, check out some of the top stables in the area and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

Guided Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is one of the great group activities that abound in Bear Lake . If you are a new rider, don’t own a horse, or aren’t able to bring your horses on vacation, a guided ride booked through a trail riding operator is your best bet. They will provide an experienced guide who knows the area, safe and gentle horses, and all the required tack and equipment.

Beaver Creek Lodge

Photo Credit: beavercreeklodge

Beaver Creek Lodge is located on the Utah side of Bear Lake and offers six different rides to suit every rider. From short introductory rides perfect for families and beginners to all-day rides in remote areas, you will find the ideal adventure at Beaver Creek Lodge.

What to Expect

The 1-hour beginner-friendly ride is perfect for those new to horses, families with young children, or anyone on a tight schedule. Available in all seasons, this fun ride takes you through beautiful vistas featuring rolling meadows and beautiful aspen and pine forests.

For a longer ride, consider their 1.5-hour ride with the option to take a more advanced trail up the mountain, the 2.5-hour ride with lunch included, or the three-hour ride to a stunning alpine lake.

Specialty Rides

Specialty rides for groups of four or more can be booked with Beaver Creek Lodge. They have options for off-site rides overlooking Bear Lake or at White Pine and Steam Mill Canyon. These rides range from 3-6 hours long, and a packed lunch is included.

Pony Express Horseback Rides

Photo Credit: Bureau of Land Management via Flickr CC2.0

Join local cowgirl Montana as she takes you on a memorable Western trail ride in the Fish Haven area of Bear Lake. Her goal is to make the ride fun, relaxing, and safe for both riders and horses.

What to Expect

New riders will enjoy the classic horseback ride Pony Express offers. This one-hour relaxed excursion is a great way to learn some riding basics and enjoy the lovely nature surrounding you.

Enjoy an afternoon on the shores of Bear Lake with the beach ride, a one-hour ride that is kid-friendly and relaxed. This is a wonderful option for those looking to have a unique experience at the lake.

Feel like a real cowboy with the cowboy dinner ride. Available in the summer months, this ride includes a campfire dinner with hot dogs, potatoes, beans, and plenty of entertainment from your guide.

MW Quarter Horses

Photo Credit: mwquarterhorsesbearlake

Enjoy a trail ride, have a group party, host an event, or take riding lessons with MW Quarter Horses. Not only are they respected breeders of Quarter Horses, a true all-American breed, but this ranch is also a wonderful option for riding in the Bear Lake area.

What to Expect

MW Quarter Horses have a one-hour and two-hour option for their trail rides, and both rides can be modified depending on the group’s experience level. Beginner riders will enjoy a relaxing walk through rolling hills and beautiful forests, while more experienced riders can have fun trotting and loping down the trail.

Great for Beginners

For anyone looking to gain some riding experience during their vacation, a riding lesson is a great option. They offer half-hour and full-hour riding lessons, and you can choose Western or English style. This is open to guests of all ages and experience levels.

Bring the whole family and spend a day horsing around when you choose the group party option. This is available to groups of all sizes and allows guests to learn how to catch, groom, and ride these beautiful horses.

Self-Guided Rides

For the lucky folks with their own horses, there are lovely trail riding opportunities in Bear Lake, making it easy to schedule your own sunrise or sunset rides.

Head over to Logan Canyon to ride winding trails high above the lake, providing amazing views and great wildlife spotting.

In addition, the nearby Cache National Forest and Caribou National Forest have multi-use trails that allow horseback riding, and you will have no problem finding many trails with scenery that takes your breath away.

Preparing for Your Ride

Horseback riding in Bear Lake is an unforgettable experience. Still, you want to ensure you are properly prepared so that your ride is comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.

Wear Suitable Clothing

While you don’t need a full set of expensive riding clothes for a day on the trail, there are a few things to wear that will keep you comfortable and safe.

Long Pants

First, you will want to wear long pants. Jeans are suitable, but some people find stretchy material, such as leggings, to be more comfortable. Some saddles can pinch your legs, so choosing long pants over shorts is generally preferred.

Proper Footwear

Proper footwear is a requirement to keep you safe. Closed-toe shoes are always a must when spending time with horses, even if you aren’t riding, because having a horse stand on your bare foot does not feel good!

If possible, boots with a small heel are preferable to tennis shoes as the heel can help prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup. However, for shorter rides, most operators allow tennis shoes.

Pack Essentials

Any time you are spending time outdoors, there are a few items you will want to pack to ensure comfort. Don’t forget to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks (see below)

Be sure to bring a bottle of water and a few snacks as well. Many operators offer saddlebags so that you can pack your snacks for the ride. Saddlebags are also the perfect place to store your phone or camera.

Listen to Your Guide

For the safety of yourself, your group, and your horse, listening to your guide’s instructions is the most important thing to remember during your ride.

Before you hit the trail, they will instruct you on the basics, such as steering, stopping, and moving faster. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask; you don’t want to be confused later on!

As you are riding, you will be amazed by the gorgeous landscapes surrounding you, but don’t let them distract you from instructions from your guide.

If there are any hazards along the trail, they will call it down the line, and you want to ensure you hear and can pass the message along to fellow riders.

Stay and Ride in Bear Lake

Level up your Bear Lake cabin getaway with an exciting horseback riding experience. One of the best ways to explore this beautiful area is from the back of a horse, and the memories made will last a lifetime. Don’t wait; plan your dream equestrian getaway in Bear Lake today.

How to Best Enjoy Spring in Bear Lake

Photo Credit: USFWS Mountain-Prairie via Flickr CC2.0

Split in half by the Utah-Idaho border, Bear Lake is a stunning destination to enjoy sandy beaches and lake views with gently rolling hills with sunshine splashes in the background. Majestic mountains surround its stunning turquoise blue waters, a real sight for sore eyes — especially in the spring.

The small towns around Bear Lake offer the most idyllic getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Spending time at Bear Lake is a dream if you love outdoor activities such as kayaking, boating, hiking, and water sports.

Imagine the smell of fresh pines merging with the cool lake breeze as you enjoy your family’s company in a luxurious cabin rental . Sure, you won’t get to go snowmobiling in the spring; but Bear Lake County’s jewel of a lake offers so many other options.

To get the most out of your trip, you should also consider meaningful ways to spend your time outside your comfortable abode. So whether you’re reading from a rental already or planning your next trip, you’ll get some quality inspiration from our lowdown on springtime in Bear Lake.

Bear Lake Weather: Spring

Bear lake isn’t just for summer vacation. In the spring Bear Lake breathes new life into the mountains and lake. But hey, don’t reach for your sundress, even in the Caribbean of the Rockies.

Springtime in Bear Lake is still pants-and-sweater weather — you may even want to bring a parka for nighttime. As the weather becomes warmer in March, April, and May, the temperature warms to the mid-40s, 50s, and 60s. However, lows for these months remain in the 20s and 30s.

Still, with each passing day, you’ll see the promises of summer ahead! On a spring trip to Bear Lake, you’ll also want to bring an umbrella and a raincoat since May sees the most rain during the year!

Things to Do in the Spring in Bear Lake

Boating on Bear Lake

Photo Credit: freevideophotoagency


  • Bear Lake State Park: 25 East 300 North, St. Charles, ID
  • North Beach State Park: 3890 N Beach Rd, St Charles, ID
  • First Point Boat Ramp: Bear Lake State Park, N Cisco Rd, Laketown, UT

The sun is shining, and the lake invites you to her vastness. Maybe it’s too chilly for a dip but not for a mini cruise. What better way to usher in the warm weather than with an exhilarating ride on the water?

Boating is also a Memorial Day classic if you’re coming to Bear Lake in late May! Of course, you can bring your own boat, but many places around Bear Lake offer rentals, such as Bear Lake Fun Bear Lake Rentals , and Epic Recreation .

Pro tip: Bring snacks, drinks, and sunscreen — the rays hit you hard on the water. Check out our complete Bear Lake Boat Rental guide here .


Photo Credit: JGA

A springtime hike isn’t too cold or hot — the temperature is just right. Of course, you’ll still encounter some muddy trails from the rain. Still, the beaming splashes of sunlight flooding the gaps between the trees and illuminating the wildflowers and wildlife make it all worthwhile.

Wear boots, long socks, and light layers to stay cozy and comfortable. But, of course, nothing’s worse than a pair of cold, wet feet from improper footwear. As for the hiking trails? Well, take your pick!

Bridger Peak Trail

Based out of Garden City, Utah, this out-and-back trail runs about 2.1 miles. Relatively simple, with breathtaking views!

Sink Hollow Trail

A moderate hike of 8.5 miles out and back starting from Logan, Utah. Visit on a weekday since weekends are busy with mountain bikers.

Minnetonka Cave

Minnetonka Cave is a natural treasure in St. Charles, Idaho. Unfortunately, it is only open between Memorial Day and Labor Day. While it is not a hike in its usual sense, this cave offers impressive limestone rock formations, which you can view on a guided tour of the cave!

Pro tip: Minnetonka Cave is 40 degrees year-round, so bring something warm for your trek!

Visit Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge

The Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge is a national forest open throughout the year from sunrise to sunset. It offers various activities, including waterfowl hunting, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and much more!

The Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge is a fantastic place to bring your binoculars!

Hang on, did you see that? A bird with an incredibly long beak just fluttered above the water. It’s a Long-billed Curlew! Bird lovers to the front, this wildlife refuge was specifically created to protect waterfowl and other migratory bird species.

After a beautiful birding day, pack a basket lunch so you can picnic in designated areas.

Go Golfing

Photo Credit: Mikael Damkier


  • Bear Lake West Golf Course: 155 US Hwy 89, Fish Haven, Idaho
  • Bear Lake Golf Course: 222 E Clubhouse Dr, Garden City Utah
  • Montpelier Municipal Golf Course: 210 Boise St, Montpelier Idaho

There are some phenomenal golfing opportunities to be found around Bear Lake.

The Bear Lake Valley has three main golf courses: Bear Lake West Golf Course, Bear Lake Golf Course, and Montpelier City Municipal Golf Course.

Because of their pristine mountain placement in the mountains, each one is challenging and charming in its own way. However, if you’re looking to golf with a spectacular view, Bear Lake Golf Course and Bear Lake West Golf Course take the cake!

After you swing, take a look around. The golf courses are common stomping grounds for eagles, deer, turkeys, and even moose.

Pro tip: Check out Cooper’s Restaurant and Sportsbar for Bacon Wrapped Scallops, among other mouth-watering meals!


Photo Credit: Dudarev Mikhail

  • Location(s): You may fish from the shore, in a kayak, or by boat.
  • Pro tip: The best time to catch fish is from first light to mid-morning, so get to bed early and bring breakfast!

If you love to fish, springtime in Bear Lake is one of the year’s most productive and rewarding times! Check out our complete Bear Lake Fishing Guide here .

Bear Lake is known for its Cutthroat Trout, Lake Trout, and the Bonneville Cisco, although the latter is generally only found in the winter season.

In the early spring, you’re looking at Bear Lake Whitefish, which spawn at the end of February. In the middle of spring, you’ll find Sculpin. Finally, towards the end of the season, look for Cutthroat Trout flapping across the waters.

You’ll have a fantastic fishing trip if you are an experienced fisherman or an eager beginner. Need some more guidance? Check out Cisco Charters for an excursion! Just remember to get a fishing license first — you’ll need a Utah or Idaho fishing license to fish anywhere on the lake.

Come for Spring Time in Bear Lake

Bear Lake is a great place to visit year-round, but it’s especially wonderful during springtime. You’ll see blooming flowers with colorful petals, colorful leaves sprouting with vigor, and wildlife frolicking back to the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Bear Lake offers a world of opportunity for adventure and excitement. The cherry on top? A sleek, luxurious rental with all the comforts you need to enjoy your springtime visit to its fullest. Book your next vacation today with Bear Lake Luxury Rentals .

Golf Courses in Bear Lake to Tee Off

Photo Credit: Mikael Damkier

Golf aficionados, listen up! You’ve scoured all the courses in your neighborhood, but you’re craving something new.

We invite you to consider the Bear Lake Valley , where the mountains and rolling hills perfectly frame the courses. Tee times were never this grounding and relaxing. Excitement, adventure, and impeccable views await you at Bear Lake’s three fantastic nine-hole courses.

Why not get a few hours of golf on your getaway? If the family would rather sit out, plenty of country golf club offerings can keep them occupied, too. Plus, you’ll still have plenty of time to hit the beach or go hiking later. But if you’re hoping to indulge in a day-long golf session, we’ve also included two 18-hole courses about an hour’s drive from Bear Lake.

Beginners and seasoned golfers alike will enjoy Bear Lake’s sites and courses. Ready to see for yourself? Walk with us as we show you how lusciously green and luxurious golf courses will enhance your Bear Lake vacation.

Bear Lake Golf Course

Photo Credit:

  • Notable feature: A great outdoors-feeling golf course.
  • Address: 98 Clubhouse Drive, Garden City, UT

Bear Lake Golf Course has a wonderful view of the lake’s glistening, turquoise waters and surrounding rocky peaks. This nine-hole, 36-par course is located in scenic Garden City, Utah .

This course is challenging but fun with all of its hills, water hazards, and doglegs. Bear Lake Golf Course is sure to keep you on your toes! Most visitors find the course suitable for beginners, but its water hazards, doglegs, and dipping hills make it just as engaging for advanced players.

Built by American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) William H. Neff in 1971, the course represents 3,376 yards of golf for a par of 36.

Traveling with friends? The Utah PGA Bear Lake Golf Course is the place to indulge in an active springtime day off, no matter your experience level. And if you’re the type to ooh and ahh at wildlife, you’ll be blown away by the wild turkeys, deer, and moose sometimes seen on the grounds.

This course also hosts tournaments throughout the year. The green fee for the 9-hole course is a reasonable $26.00 at the time of publishing.

Montpelier City Municipal Golf Course

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  • Notable feature: Closest driving range to Bear Lake.
  • Address: 210 Boise Street, Montpelier, ID

Based in Montpelier, Idaho, the Montpelier City Municipal Golf Course features a full-length driving range and putting and chipping areas. The towering trees framing each fairway add a rustic charm to the scenery. You’re about to swing, but you pause — an eagle flies high on by, tracing a delicate line across the mountainous landscape.

This nine-hole, 36-par golf course is relatively flat, but small greens add a fair challenge for the seasoned player. Bear Lake’s Montpelier City Municipal Golf Course has a well-stocked clubhouse, brimming with accessories and equipment for every golfer.

When you are ready to hit the putting green, check here for updated pricing.

Bear Lake West Golf Course

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  • Notable feature: Dreamy evening lake views.
  • Address: 554 Lewis Loop # 100, Fish Haven, ID

Fish Haven, Idaho , attracts plenty of summer tourists for its gorgeous serenity, peace, and quiet by Bear Lake. But budding golf athletes will flock to the Bear Lake West Golf Course for, well, take your pick. With its peppered water hazards, sloping fairways, and abrupt elevation changes, this little nine-hole golf course packs a punch! But, of course, the lake views make it a hot destination more than anything. Stunning sunsets remind all visitors why Bear Lake is known as the “Caribbean of the Rockies.”

Feeling hungry after a day at the course?

Pop on over to Cooper’s Restaurant and Sports Bar for a cold one and a cheesy French Drip sandwich. And if you’re craving a certain je ne sais quoi, indulge in the lemon-almond-crusted rainbow trout.

Logan River Golf Course

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  • Notable feature: $50 golf lessons.
  • Address: 550 W 1000 S, Logan, UT

Maybe you’ve tried the Bear Lake courses and crave something a bit grander. The 18-hole, 71-par Logan River Golf Course might do the trick. Located in Logan, Utah, the course has green, graceful grounds that playfully challenge golfers with water traps and shrubbery.

Bringing the kiddies with you? The 18-hole course might feel intimidating, so why not book a private golf lesson? A professional golfer will train them for 45-minute intervals, making the trip an experience to remember. And don’t be afraid to book yourself a lesson, too — it might be the perfect refresher to get you back into your game.

You’ll relish uninterrupted views of the gently streaming Logan River bordering the course.

Birch Creek Golf Course

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  • Notable feature: Hour-long junior golf clinics to train your kids.
  • Address: 550 E 100 N, Smithfield, UT

Birch Creek Golf Course is a favorite golf course for Utah residents and Bear Lake tourists alike. The 18-hole course in Smithfield, Utah, offers exhilarating rolling hills, fresh creeks, elevation changes, and a deep gorge. With breathtaking vistas of Cache Valley and fairly level greens, the course will awaken your sense of wonder.

What’s that in the distance? A gentle deer meanders through the fairway.

Weekends tend to get busy. So visit on a weekday if you’re looking for a more peaceful experience.

Golfing and Staying Around Bear Lake

Bear Lake is a fabulous destination to unwind and connect with the natural landscape. But the area’s well-maintained golf courses offer you that same nature immersion while enjoying the sport.

The shorter courses surrounding Bear Lake are perfect for a few hours out, leaving plenty of time to spend with loved ones and enjoy other attractions. If you’re after a full-day experience, drive on over to Smithfield or Logan for the 18-hole courses.

Happy Golfing — but not before you book a cozy vacation rental. Explore our Bear Lake listings today!

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