How to Best Enjoy Spring in Bear Lake

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Split in half by the Utah-Idaho border, Bear Lake is a stunning destination to enjoy sandy beaches and lake views with gently rolling hills with sunshine splashes in the background. Majestic mountains surround its stunning turquoise blue waters, a real sight for sore eyes — especially in the spring.

The small towns around Bear Lake offer the most idyllic getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Spending time at Bear Lake is a dream if you love outdoor activities such as kayaking, boating, hiking, and water sports.

Imagine the smell of fresh pines merging with the cool lake breeze as you enjoy your family’s company in a luxurious cabin rental . Sure, you won’t get to go snowmobiling in the spring; but Bear Lake County’s jewel of a lake offers so many other options.

To get the most out of your trip, you should also consider meaningful ways to spend your time outside your comfortable abode. So whether you’re reading from a rental already or planning your next trip, you’ll get some quality inspiration from our lowdown on springtime in Bear Lake.

Bear Lake Weather: Spring

Bear lake isn’t just for summer vacation. In the spring Bear Lake breathes new life into the mountains and lake. But hey, don’t reach for your sundress, even in the Caribbean of the Rockies.

Springtime in Bear Lake is still pants-and-sweater weather — you may even want to bring a parka for nighttime. As the weather becomes warmer in March, April, and May, the temperature warms to the mid-40s, 50s, and 60s. However, lows for these months remain in the 20s and 30s.

Still, with each passing day, you’ll see the promises of summer ahead! On a spring trip to Bear Lake, you’ll also want to bring an umbrella and a raincoat since May sees the most rain during the year!

Things to Do in the Spring in Bear Lake

Boating on Bear Lake

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  • Bear Lake State Park: 25 East 300 North, St. Charles, ID
  • North Beach State Park: 3890 N Beach Rd, St Charles, ID
  • First Point Boat Ramp: Bear Lake State Park, N Cisco Rd, Laketown, UT

The sun is shining, and the lake invites you to her vastness. Maybe it’s too chilly for a dip but not for a mini cruise. What better way to usher in the warm weather than with an exhilarating ride on the water?

Boating is also a Memorial Day classic if you’re coming to Bear Lake in late May! Of course, you can bring your own boat, but many places around Bear Lake offer rentals, such as Bear Lake Fun Bear Lake Rentals , and Epic Recreation .

Pro tip: Bring snacks, drinks, and sunscreen — the rays hit you hard on the water. Check out our complete Bear Lake Boat Rental guide here .


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A springtime hike isn’t too cold or hot — the temperature is just right. Of course, you’ll still encounter some muddy trails from the rain. Still, the beaming splashes of sunlight flooding the gaps between the trees and illuminating the wildflowers and wildlife make it all worthwhile.

Wear boots, long socks, and light layers to stay cozy and comfortable. But, of course, nothing’s worse than a pair of cold, wet feet from improper footwear. As for the hiking trails? Well, take your pick!

Bridger Peak Trail

Based out of Garden City, Utah, this out-and-back trail runs about 2.1 miles. Relatively simple, with breathtaking views!

Sink Hollow Trail

A moderate hike of 8.5 miles out and back starting from Logan, Utah. Visit on a weekday since weekends are busy with mountain bikers.

Minnetonka Cave

Minnetonka Cave is a natural treasure in St. Charles, Idaho. Unfortunately, it is only open between Memorial Day and Labor Day. While it is not a hike in its usual sense, this cave offers impressive limestone rock formations, which you can view on a guided tour of the cave!

Pro tip: Minnetonka Cave is 40 degrees year-round, so bring something warm for your trek!

Visit Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge

The Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge is a national forest open throughout the year from sunrise to sunset. It offers various activities, including waterfowl hunting, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and much more!

The Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge is a fantastic place to bring your binoculars!

Hang on, did you see that? A bird with an incredibly long beak just fluttered above the water. It’s a Long-billed Curlew! Bird lovers to the front, this wildlife refuge was specifically created to protect waterfowl and other migratory bird species.

After a beautiful birding day, pack a basket lunch so you can picnic in designated areas.

Go Golfing

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  • Bear Lake West Golf Course: 155 US Hwy 89, Fish Haven, Idaho
  • Bear Lake Golf Course: 222 E Clubhouse Dr, Garden City Utah
  • Montpelier Municipal Golf Course: 210 Boise St, Montpelier Idaho

There are some phenomenal golfing opportunities to be found around Bear Lake.

The Bear Lake Valley has three main golf courses: Bear Lake West Golf Course, Bear Lake Golf Course, and Montpelier City Municipal Golf Course.

Because of their pristine mountain placement in the mountains, each one is challenging and charming in its own way. However, if you’re looking to golf with a spectacular view, Bear Lake Golf Course and Bear Lake West Golf Course take the cake!

After you swing, take a look around. The golf courses are common stomping grounds for eagles, deer, turkeys, and even moose.

Pro tip: Check out Cooper’s Restaurant and Sportsbar for Bacon Wrapped Scallops, among other mouth-watering meals!


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  • Location(s): You may fish from the shore, in a kayak, or by boat.
  • Pro tip: The best time to catch fish is from first light to mid-morning, so get to bed early and bring breakfast!

If you love to fish, springtime in Bear Lake is one of the year’s most productive and rewarding times! Check out our complete Bear Lake Fishing Guide here .

Bear Lake is known for its Cutthroat Trout, Lake Trout, and the Bonneville Cisco, although the latter is generally only found in the winter season.

In the early spring, you’re looking at Bear Lake Whitefish, which spawn at the end of February. In the middle of spring, you’ll find Sculpin. Finally, towards the end of the season, look for Cutthroat Trout flapping across the waters.

You’ll have a fantastic fishing trip if you are an experienced fisherman or an eager beginner. Need some more guidance? Check out Cisco Charters for an excursion! Just remember to get a fishing license first — you’ll need a Utah or Idaho fishing license to fish anywhere on the lake.

Come for Spring Time in Bear Lake

Bear Lake is a great place to visit year-round, but it’s especially wonderful during springtime. You’ll see blooming flowers with colorful petals, colorful leaves sprouting with vigor, and wildlife frolicking back to the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Bear Lake offers a world of opportunity for adventure and excitement. The cherry on top? A sleek, luxurious rental with all the comforts you need to enjoy your springtime visit to its fullest. Book your next vacation today with Bear Lake Luxury Rentals .

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