A Visitor’s Guide to North Beach State Park

Photo Credit: Ken Lund via Flickr CC2.0

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can make anyone feel drained and gloomy. Why don’t you trade in those blue feelings for clear, pristine blue waters on a Bear Lake getaway?

Relish the soft sand, endless sunshine, and dreamy paradise attracting thousands to the “Caribbean of the Rockies” each year! The piece de resistance? A beach day at North Beach State Park!

Contemplating a visit? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Bear Lake Luxury Rentals, everything Bear Lake is our business. We’ve helped thousands of visitors like you make the most of this precious landscape and indulge in all the nearby town offerings. The best part? A comfortable, lavish lodge or chalet to host you and your entire family or friend group!

Back to the beaches, though. You have endless options, from Cisco Beach on the east side and Rendezvous Beach in the South all the way to North Beach State Park, Idaho, in the North — the latter being our absolute favorite.

A stone’s throw away from St. Charles, North Beach State Park has an extensive stretch of beautiful beachfront along the northern shore of Bear Lake. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about North Beach State Park for your visit.

But before we jump into the deep end? Let’s first get to the history of Bear Lake and its surrounding areas.

About North Beach State Park

Bear Lake’s sparkling freshwater lake spans over 109 square miles. The region boasts not only sandy beaches but also dense forests, towering mountains, and flourishing meadows.

The lake’s mesmerizing waters — thanks to its refraction of limestone deposits — have won Bear Lake the moniker “Caribbean of the Rockies.”

Areas near the lake have unique aquatic meadow plants. Further out on the hills, the lush vegetation has a blend of sagebrush, grassland, and juniper. There are also pine, aspen, and spruce woodlands, and of course, the region’s famed raspberry plants.

Enveloped by towering mountain ranges such as the Bear River Range, Wasatch Range, and Uinta Mountains, Bear Lake has a spectacular backdrop.

But Bear Lake isn’t just about pretty panoramas. The area is rich in history and culture, going back to the early 19th century. Indigenous tribes like the Shoshone and Bannock people used to call the region home. Back then, the area had a vast black bear population, so it used to be called Black Bear Lake.

Now, it’s a hub for shoreside relaxation, biking, boaters, water skiing, and fishing.

But back to North Beach State Park — what is there to do there, apart from reveling in the natural beauty?

Things to Do at North Beach State Park

Beach Side Relaxing

Photo Credit: Bryant Olsen via Flickr CC2.0

There are plenty of beach spots to pull up for the day around Bear Lake, but this one is worth putting at the top of your list! Buy a day pass, come early, and find a comfortable spot to hang on the beach at North Beach State Park.

Traveling with young ones? The gradual slope of the lake into the water makes it a kid-friendly beach with ample room to stretch out or frolic in shallow waters without fully submerging.

Pair that with a toasty-warm water surface that softens and extends into the water’s depths, and North Beach State Park is the ideal swimming area for kids and adults alike.

Our perfect laze-by-the-beach kind of day looks something like this:

  • A refreshing dip in the gem-colored lake
  • Suntanning on a towel with your favorite book in hand
  • A short nap while listening to the lake water’s hum — the epitome of summer day relaxation.

In other words? Heaven.

Did you pack munchies for the kiddos? Meander to one of North Beach’s over 70 picnic tables for a family lunch. Bring your own grills for a BBQ!


The area has amenities to keep your day trip as comfortable as possible, like five wheelchair-accessible vault bathrooms for your kids to clean up after burying themselves in the sand.

Rent Water or Snow Equipment

Photo Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds

Travelers looking for an adrenaline rush instead of just beach bummin’ fun can bring their own water sports gear or rent some to explore the lake.

  • Paddleboarding and Kayaking: Bring a paddleboard or kayak and slow time down while drifting on the calm lake waters.
  • Boats, Non-Motorized Water Toys, Seadoos: Bear Lake Fun makes it easy to rent equipment at North Beach State Park. Choose between boats, fast sea-doos, and other gear.
  • Snowmobiling in the Winter: Colder months see fewer tourists but an uptick in winter activities and events. During the snowmobiling season, North Beach State Park has almost 300 miles of meticulously maintained trails nearby.

Go Fishing

Photo Credit: TeodorLazarev

Bear Lake’s fishing is unparalleled. Throughout the year, anglers from all over the nation are drawn to Bear Lake thanks to the abundance of fish. Bear Lake Sculpin, Whitefish, and the Bonneville Cisco are endemic to the lake — the latter of which spawns in the first two months of the year, making winter at North Beach State Park a fisherman’s dream.

North Beach State Park’s boat ramp provides easy access to the lake, and the gorgeous scenery of the surrounding cliffs and woodlands makes for an unforgettable fishing experience. There are plenty of boat rental services available around the lake as well.

Whether you’re looking to reel in the catch of the day or enjoy a peaceful day on the waters, North Beach State Park is the perfect place to do it.

Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge Kiosk

Photo Credit: rdng tchr via Flickr CC2.0

Further north of North Beach State Park, beyond Mud Lake, sits Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Birdwatchers and animal lovers will enjoy sunrise walks around the refuge. Expect to spot birds like hawks, bald eagles, and eagles.

Tips for Visiting North Beach State Park

  • Day Pass: Purchase a day pass to avoid being turned away during full-capacity days.
  • Pets: Dogs are not allowed on the North Beach State Park
  • Bring Your Own Shade: There’s almost no shade anywhere on the beach, so bring an umbrella and apply tons of sunscreen to prevent sunburn.
  • No Showers: There are no showers at North Beach State Park — wash up back at the lodge instead.

Where to Eat

Photo Credit: YoloStock

Don’t have time to pack lunch? Try out a nearby staple! There are plenty of places to eat around Bear Lake, but these are two of our favorites near North Beach State Park.

Bear Lake Burger Boat

  • Availability: Seasonal from Memorial Day Weekend to August or September
  • Price Range: $
  • Location: Frequently Updated on Social Media

Bear Lake Burger Boat is a popular summertime food establishment unique to North Beach State Park. This unusual, quirky food truck-esque boat serves juicy burgers, mouthwatering hot dogs, crispy chicken sandwiches, drool-worthy pulled pork, and sweet ice cream.

When the pontoon-boat-turned-restaurant turns up in the waters, hungry beachgoers wade toward it with grumbling bellies.

Their timetable and location on the beach depending on the weather and waters. So keep your eyes peeled for a yellow food boat during your visit for a scrumptious meal by the beach.

Float On

  • Availability: All seasons
  • Price Range: $
  • Address: 101 N Beach Road, St Charles, ID

A 7-min drive from North Beach State Park is Float On, an epic ice cream and snack shop. Trust us; this is an unmissable pit stop during your holiday to North Beach.

Forget counting calories and indulge in Float On’s raspberry shakes, pineapple float, oreo shakes, and loaded fries. Attached to the shop is a small souvenir store selling trendy merch where you can pick up a couple of tank tops or t-shirts.

Enjoy North Beach State Park with Bear Lake Luxury Rentals

Bear Lake’s sandy shoreline radiates tranquility and luxury, especially when clocked in golden light from a sunrise or sunset. Sit back, relax, and stay a while. After an entire day wiggling your toes in the soft sand, make your way back to one of our Bear Lake Luxury Rentals.

Expect spacious rooms, cushy beds, and endless amenities at our lavish holiday accommodations. Take a warm shower and drift off into deep slumber to energize for another day of Bear Lake adventures.

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