How to Plan a Great Family Reunion in Bear Lake

It’s been years since you saw the cousins you used to run around the playground with. And your great aunt Nelly? She’s enjoying retirement in Palm Beach, but you know she’d love to see you. What if you could see everyone without the typical monotony of a family dinner?

It’s time for a family reunion — let us host you in one of our spacious, luxurious Bear Lake vacation rentals.

Family reunions are a fun and exciting way to reconnect with your extended family. Bear Lake, split in half by the Utah-Idaho border, is a perfect spot for a large family reunion!

Trust us; even the most critical aunts and uncles will enjoy the scenic and exciting destination of Bear Lake. This idyllic family reunion spot is a cornucopia of Mother Nature’s wonders, surrounded by spectacular mountains, tranquil sandy beaches, and turquoise blue waters.

And if your adventure-junkie brother craves a bit more action? Take him fishing , or bring the whole family to one of Bear Lake’s exciting golf courses . The dining options here are abundant, even for the vegetarian in the family. Not to mention there are family reunion picture-ready backdrops at every turn.

We’ll help take the stress out of planning with this guide on hosting the perfect family reunion at beautiful Bear Lake!

Why a Vacation Rental vs. Hotel for Family Reunions

There are many ways to get people together for a family reunion. But a dozen bookings in separate hotels can make it hard to organize events or plan full-family outings. It’s a recipe for miscommunication and the opposite of what a family reunion should be about; ease, connection, and fun. All of a sudden, the fun family trip turns stressful.

Bottom line? A spacious and cozy vacation rental is a way to go! Bear Lake Luxury Rentals has modern and luxurious rental properties for you to choose from, perfect for large groups or even your dysfunctional, giant family!

Here are a few more benefits of booking a Bear Lake Luxury rental.

More Amenities

Our listings have breathtaking views of rolling hills and majestic mountains, but we’ve also got the creature comforts covered as well. Each rental is equipped with modern essentials to keep each family member happy.

  • WiFi
  • Gas grills
  • Swimming pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Fireplaces
  • Fire pits
  • Game rooms

Sure, a hotel might have one hot tub or a lobby fireplace, but you’re not guaranteed access to them whenever you’d like or into the wee hours when the family game of UNO runs late.

Imagine BBQing with your family and catching up on the hotel patio, only to be interrupted with an “excuse me, could we share the grill?” You need more space and privacy for your family reunion, which brings us to the next benefit, the size of accommodations.

Bigger Property

Our Bear Lake rentals were chiseled and chosen with your giant family in mind. For example, the newly renovated Papa Bear Lodge has 6,500 square feet of rustic yet polished wooden finishes, accent lighting, and endless space.

Located in Garden City, Utah, it sleeps 52 people, with 15 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms! So spread out and settle into your own space while still enjoying time with your family. Many Bear Lake Luxury Rentals feature this expansiveness, perfect for entertaining yet accommodating solo time when needed!

Privacy and Freedom

Unlike the constant presence and intersecting of strangers in hotels and motels, renting a large-group vacation home allows for great privacy and freedom. So if your dad had too much to drink and can’t stop singing John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High, you won’t be bothered by any noise complaints at one of our rentals.

While you’re here, the vacation rental is yours . Feel free to run around the grounds, watch movies as loud as you’d like, stay up until the wee hours of the morning, sleep in, and make breakfast (the way YOU want to make it)!

Fewer Hidden Fees

Maybe you’re thinking: there’s absolutely no way my huge family will fit in a hotel. You’d probably have to spend a fortune on all those separate room bookings, but why not make your money go even further?

Hotels aren’t always transparent when it comes to pricing. Ever notice a surprise “administration charge” or “facility fee?”

Bear Lake Luxury Rentals are upfront and honest about every rental’s pricing. We offer a clear breakdown of the price, and when you book, that’s the price we’ll charge your credit card — no more, no less.

And if you have any questions? No more waiting for hours on hold or waltzing up to an empty reception desk. Call us directly at (435) 554-8237 or reach us through our contact page before you rent!

Group Activities in Bear Lake

Bear Lake offers endless fun and exciting group activities throughout the year. Here are some of our favorites for each season.

Summer: Boat and Swim on Bear Lake

Photo Credit: Kevin via Flickr CC2.0

A lake outing offers ample activity options for every personality. You can lounge on one of the gorgeous beaches and enjoy the lake view, pop up lunch on a picnic table, and the kids can make sand castles, and energetic family members can zip around on the water on SeaDoos or boats.

Looking for a tranquil, intimate activity with a close aunt or your spouse? Try a peaceful paddle trip on a kayak — and don’t worry, the kids are fine with their grandparents. Check out Bear Lake Funtime Rentals (Utah) or North Beach Rentals (Idaho) for kayak, pontoon wakeboard, and boat rentals .

Fall: Go for a Hike in Logan Canyon

Photo Credit:

Everyone always talks about the gorgeous color-changing leaves during a Northeastern Fall, but have you ever seen leaves change against the stunning backdrop of Logan Canyon? Check out the Sink Hollow Trail if you’re visiting during the fall with your family. It’s a 9-mile round trip, making this a great all-day activity for a large group!

While you’re out there, pause to take in the scenery and take pictures of majestic elk, deer, and even moose! Then, enjoy a packed lunch, and chat with your relatives while on this stunning hike! You can even up the ante by mountain biking or renting ATVs — the perfect active bonding experience for close siblings, parents, and kids!

Bonus: Here in the winter? Rent a snowmobile and zip through the soft, fluffy snow as you take in stunning vistas of snow-tipped trees and icy rivers.

Winter: Bring Your Family to Beaver Mountain for Skiing

Photo Credit: Jeff Gunn via Flickr CC2.0

Many outdoor sports await you in Bear Lake during the winter. If you’re coming to Bear Lake, Utah, at the peak of the snow season, try a full-family ski trip to Beaver Mountain Ski Area .

This mountain area has slopes that fit the needs of many skiers and snowboarders and even provides lessons for little ones and new skiers! The mountain has full-day and half-day passes, which are affordable compared to other Utah ski favorites like Park City. Don’t have gear? Don’t worry! The ski area offers rentals.

Spring: Go Fishing in Bear Lake State Park

Photo Credit: On.My.BigfOot via Flickr CC2.0

Spring is a beautiful time to plan your family gathering at Bear Lake. This body of water is the second-largest freshwater lake in Utah. It’s home to many fish species, including the Bonneville Cisco, which lives exclusively in Bear Lake.

Fishing can be an amazing family bonding experience. Not only is there the camaraderie of casting your lines and celebrating each others’ catches, but also the unique opportunity to appreciate nature and learn a new hobby. Bear Lake State Park offers a marina to fish from, or you can rent a boat.

Bonus: Check out the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest ! Go ice fishing, run or walk in a 5K, and delight in free hot cocoa and treats for the whole family!

How to Plan a Bear Lake Family Reunion

Now you’re up-to-speed on why Bear Lake is the best destination for it; you’re ready to plan. Here are five easy steps to plan the perfect Bear Lake Family Reunion.

Plan a Loose Itinerary

Map out a few activities, so you can inform each family member what they should bring. List a couple of schedules and assess costs and considerations for each one.

Think about the make-up of your group. Are all activities family-friendly, or will someone have to plan a different outing with the kids? Do you need to book all tickets in advance, or could you offer some flexibility and spontaneity?

You should account for extra time to spend a day or two at the rental. This lightens the load on your wallet and allows people to relax.

Confirm Numbers

Send an invitation and ask for a reasonable RSVP. Knowing your final group size will help you plan grocery purchases, rental choices, and types of activities.

Find the Perfect Luxury Vacation Rental

Now that you’ve confirmed your guest numbers, you’re ready to book. Renting a large vacation lodge gives you the freedom, flexibility, and privacy that hotels could never offer. Browse our Bear Lake Luxury Rentals and book early to secure a spot.

Remember Why You Planned It

Planning is stressful — no doubt about it. And if you add your entire family’s needs, opinions, and behaviors to the mix? Not everything will go your way, and that’s okay. Remember, you planned this family reunion to reconnect with loved ones! So don’t sweat over the minor bumps along the way.

Enjoy Your Family Reunion in Bear Lake

Magic can happen at a family reunion. You’ll experience nostalgia, appreciation, and good ol’ fun with the people who know you best.

No matter where you go on Bear Lake, adventure and relaxation await you around every corner. We’d be delighted to help you plan your next family reunion. Explore Bear Lake Luxury Rentals to find the perfect vacation home!

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