Jet Ski Rentals Around Bear Lake

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You love adrenaline and adventure, especially on vacation. Now you’re visiting Bear Lake, a freshwater oasis in the mountains of Idaho and Utah — the perfect spot to jet ski up a storm!

The wind whips your hair and blows away your everyday stresses as you glide across the lake’s pristine blue waters, which slowly start to glimmer with the slow-setting sun. Skies turn from blue to pinkish orange, then finally red. You turn your jet ski around and speed back to the beach to meet your family. It’s time to cook dinner at your luxurious Bear Lake Rental.

But jet skis are expensive — and difficult to lug around and store while on vacation. So why not leave all of the extra maintenance and storage for someone else? If you don’t own a jet ski or don’t want to bring yours from home, Bear Lake has a few jet ski rental companies located all around the lake.

Ready to elevate your water-sport experience here on Bear Lake? Great! We’ll walk you through where to rent the best water toys, common requirements, and everything else you need to make your Bear Lake vacation one to remember.

Why Bear Lake Jet Skiing

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Bear Lake is often referred to as the “Caribbean of the Rockies.” Its turquoise-blue waters, especially in the summertime, take you back to the Dominican Republic — gentle, rolling coastlines and fun, bouncy waves with gorgeous scenery to boot. Just replace salsa music with country jams.

A Bear Lake vacation gifts you 109 square miles of water to explore. If you’re on a kayak, you’ll enjoy the peaceful nook of the lake. Or maybe a boat rental for fishing is your speed. But if you really want to zip around and experience Bear Lake’s true vastness, you’ll need something speedy, like a jet ski.

Jet skis are usually 1 to 2-person small water crafts that glide across the water at 40 to 70 miles per hour. You’ll have just under ten places to rent jet skis around the lake. Rent one and take turns throughout the day or rent a few jet skis for a full day of family adventure around Bear Lake!

Bear Lake Utah Jet Ski Rentals

Two main companies supply all of the rentals around Bear Lake: Bear Lake Fun and Epic Adventure. Both companies own about five locations around the lake, so you have options no matter where you’re staying along the lake.

Bear Lake Fun

Bear Lake Fun has options for both summer and winter rentals. Did someone say “wakeboarding?”


Visit in the summer and trade in that jet ski for a snowmobile when you return in the winter! Bear Lake Fun has two options for renting a sea-doo.

First, you can rent hourly on-site for

  • 2 Hours ($189)
  • 4 Hours ($299)
  • 6 Hours ($389)
  • 8 Hours ($459)

On-site locations have 3 to 5-mile boundaries. Otherwise, you can rent your sea-doo offsite with a trailer for 8 hours ($359). Off Site rental boundaries are anywhere on Bear Lake — talk about freedom!

Sea-doos from Bear Lake Fun have a 1 to 3 person (or 500 lb) capacity. The deal includes life jackets and instructions, but gas and tax are added to the base price listed.

Sea Doos and Trailers

According to the website, on-site sea-doos are available to rent at North Beach Rentals, Performance Rental, Rendezvous Beach Rentals, and Marina Rentals. However, if you want to rent a sea-doo on a trailer, these are only available through Bear Lake Funtime.

Want to rent something in addition to sea-doos? Bear Lake Fun also offers boat rentals, like pontoon boats, ski boats, stand-up paddle boards, and surf boats.

If you’re looking for a non-motorized rental, they also have water trampolines, SUPs, kayaks, canoes, and even beach-ready wheelchairs! Customers are always impressed with Bear Lake Fun, at least from their online reviews. They have great customer service, friendly staff, and high-quality watercraft rentals.


You’ll need a driver’s license, credit card, and a $200 security deposit per sea-doo.


  • Bear Lake Fun: 1171 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT
  • Bear Lake Funtime: 1217 S Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT
  • Performance Rental: 1414 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT
  • Marina Rentals: 940 Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT
  • North Beach Rentals: 535 Eastshore Rd, St Charles, ID
  • Rendezvous Beach Rentals: 1153 W 1220 N, Laketown, UT

Epic Recreation

Epic Recreation has multiple options for jet ski rentals at different locations.


First, they have an on-the-water-ready 3-seater personal watercraft (PWC), which includes life jackets. The time limits for this PWC are:

  • 4 Hours ($310)
  • 6 Hours ($430)
  • 8 Hours ($490)

So a tank of gas will last about 6 hours with average riding and 4 to 6 hours with moderate or aggressive riding — don’t worry; you’ve got lots of time!

SuperJet Rentals

Lastly, Epic Recreation offers a “SuperJet” Rental, but it’s only available by phone. The SuperJet is a one-person, stand-up jet ski, an ideal endeavor for the adrenaline junkie in the group.

But if you’re traveling with the whole fam, Epic Recreation offers plenty of group-friendly activities. For example, try a scenic boat cruise with up to six people, or bring the whole group to a jam-packed wake surfing lesson with a certified guide!


You’ll need a rental agreement and waiver.


Bear Lake Jet Ski Adventures

Your day of hair-raising, speed-chasing fun in the sun has come to an end. Maybe your arms are feeling sore — and your hair is definitely wet.

It’s time to return to your Bear Lake Luxury Rental to reconnect with your family or large friend group. But, before you hang out by the Timber Lodge fireplace, you run upstairs to sink into a hot, soothing bath.

You emerge refreshed, clean, and cozy — now, you smell savory food being prepared downstairs in the lodge’s world-class kitchen. Your friend pours you a glass of red, and the laughs pile on, with memories creating new homes in your mind. Ready for a vacation of simultaneous luxury and adventure? Book your Bear Lake rental today!

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