September 19, 2019

Handy Items for Impromptu Vacations and Trips

As your top source for luxury rentals and vacation cabins in Utah, we at Bear Lake Luxury Rentals are proud to serve a variety of clientele. While many of our top cabins, condos and vacation homes are often booked out well in advance, we will also often have rental properties available on shorter notice for those who have made a spur-of-the-moment decision to take a trip.

In addition to helping you book the perfect Bear Lake rental no matter your timeline, we can also provide some basic tips on the sorts of things you need to have in place if this kind of impulsive trip is going to be a regular occurrence in your life. Let’s look at several items to keep around if you’re the type who just up and decides to go on trips a few times per year.

Lightweight, Simple Luggage

If you know you’re going to occasionally be packing quickly and heading out to catch a flight, train or some other mode of transportation, at the top of your list should be simple luggage that fits these basic needs. For those who know they’ll be traveling on planes regularly, this means a light but sturdy wheelie case, the kind that will fit into overhead bins easily and not need to be checked.

Depending on your precise travel habits, there are a number of bags out there that might suit you. These may include specialty bags for a number of different activities, with several modern amenities that are both durable and practical.

“Capsule” Wardrobe

The term “capsule” wardrobe, coined in the 1970s, refers to a small collection of essential clothing items that are easily interchangeable and don’t really go out of style. The capsule wardrobe is a must for regular impromptu travelers, allowing them to easily switch between formal, informal and even travel attire without packing a heavy, inconvenient bag. Consider intelligent clothing purchases that can be part of your capsule wardrobe for a quick trip.

Basic Travel Kit

A basic kit for toiletries and other personal items is always needed when traveling, and those who do so often will sometimes choose to keep an entirely separate kit that’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you’re doing this, just check the kit every six months or so to make sure nothing has expired or run out.

Luxury Wrap

A luxury wrap, available at numerous stores, is a multi-purpose item travelers love. It can be used as a simple blanket if you’re on a cold flight, or as an insect barrier if you’re camping.

International Considerations

Finally, while these areas aren’t generally applicable for Bear Lake trips, at least among Utahns and other US residents, regular travelers who sometimes leave the country will need to be prepared. This includes keeping an up-to-date passport at all times, plus keeping a record of travel shots and immunizations in case you go to a country with a risk of malaria or another infectious disease.

For more on items to keep handy if you regularly take impromptu trips or vacations, or to learn about any of our cabins or condos, speak to the staff at Bear Lake Luxury Rentals today.