August 14, 2019

Considering Potential Luxury Rental Appliances, Part 3

In parts one and two of this multi-section blog series, we discussed several of the major appliance and amenity areas you should be looking for when considering a luxury vacation rental. Important for everything from basic practical use to daily convenience, these amenities should be considered by individuals, couples, families and even larger groups interested in luxury rentals.

At Bear Lake Luxury Rentals, our Bear Lake cabins, condos, home rentals and other rental types all feature high-quality features and amenities throughout. We’re happy to provide any details you require on our amenities as you’re considering one of our spaces, including specific questions for special needs you may have. In today’s blog, we’ll go over a few additional areas of a given rental you should be considering in this realm.


  • Bedding materials: Particularly if you’re a light sleeper, ask about the kinds of materials present on beds. You want not only a quality mattress, but a good cover, bed linens, pillows and protectors, and even coverlets.
  • Hangers: Especially if you’ll be attending any sort of formal or semi-formal event, clothes hangers are vital.
  • Night stands: Inquire about whether night stands come with reading lamps or other forms of light, plus ensure basics like an alarm clock are present.
  • TV and entertainment: This was covered in a previous section, but for those interested in this sort of thing within the bedroom, it pays to inquire.

Outdoor Areas

  • Grill and/or fire pit: Depending on your desires, one or both of these amenities can be highly useful. If you require a grill, ask about the type (gas or charcoal) and whether you are responsible for certain cleaning requirements. In addition, inquire about whether proper grill tools will be present or whether you’ll need to bring some along.
  • Landscaping: Ask about the grounds and visual aesthetics present.
  • Deck/balcony/porch: No one wants to be cooped up inside for their entire vacation, so ask about an outdoor space that allows you to stretch your legs and take in the view.
  • Water items: For areas like Bear Lake, where water activities are possible, ask whether any related items are provided as part of the rental.

Utilities and Other Features

  • Phone: All luxury rentals will have a phone – just ensure basic details, such as the policy for long-distance calls.
  • Smoke and CO2 detectors: Another vital amenity group is detectors for both smoke and carbon monoxide.
  • Fire extinguisher: Be sure you know precisely where this item is located and how to access and use it in case of emergency.
  • Climate control: Ask about your level of control over temperature and other AC factors, which can vary depending on the unit.
  • Washer and dryer
  • Smart devices: Many modern rentals have smart TVs, remote-adjusted thermostats, smart keys to the space and several other possible tech advances.
  • Handicap accessibility: A vital consideration for any individual or group with such needs.
  • Pet policy: For those looking to bring their furry friend along for the trip.

For more on amenities to consider in any luxury rental, or to learn about any of our vacation rental options, speak to the staff at Bear Lake Luxury Rentals today.