July 22, 2019

Considering Potential Luxury Rental Appliances, Part 2

In part one of this multi-part blog, we went over some of the primary amenities you have to consider when looking into a luxury vacation rental . Amenities and convenience areas are some of the top considerations for any major trip, whether on your own, with the family or even as part of a corporate retreat.
At Bear Lake Luxury Rentals, we’re happy to detail the presence and quality of any amenities you’re particularly interested in for your next luxury cabin, waterfront rental, vacation house or any of our luxury rentals. In today’s blog, we’ll go over the amenities you should be looking into within two vital comfort-related areas of any rental: The bathroom and the bedroom. In addition, we’ll dig into some of the tools and cleaning supplies that should be on-hand.

Bathroom Amenities

Here are some of the vital bathroom items you should ensure are present in any luxury rental:
• Shampoo and conditioner: You may choose to bring your own, but you shouldn’t have to.
• Soap and body lotion: Not only should soap be provided for the shower, there should be hand soap for all bathroom sinks as well.
• Bath towels – at least one per occupant.
• Hair dryer
In addition, a few bathroom items that may or may not be present include:
• Luxury creams, gels or other products.
• Razors or shaving equipment.
• Upgraded shower amenities, such as walk-in options, luxury showerheads or others.
Bedroom Considerations
Some of the basic must-haves for a luxury rental bedroom include:
• High-quality mattress, bedding and sheets, including mattress cover, pillow, pillow protectors and coverlets.
• Clothes hangers for storage.
• Some kind of closet, drawer or other space for folded items.
A few optional bedroom items may include:
• Night stands: Often complete with reading lamps, drawers and potentially an alarm clock. Many owners will also place a flashlight in a nightstand drawer in case of a power outage.
• TV: Often present in both the main gathering room and in the master bedroom, or even every bedroom in some rentals.

Tools and Cleaning Supplies

• Trash and recycling disposal containers in every major room, particularly kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.
• Vacuum: All luxury rentals should come with a working vacuum, one that’s easy to find and use.
• Broom and dustpan: On top of basic kitchen cleaner items like paper towels, which we discussed in part one of this blog, ensure you have a broom and dustpan available as well. These should be new and in a good state.
• Mop and bucket: Same deal here – easy to find and in good working condition.
• Optional: During winter months, if the location demands it, ask about a snow shovel or other related items.
For more on the kinds of amenities you should be asking about at your next vacation rental, or to learn about any of our luxury rentals, speak to the staff at Bear Lake Luxury Rentals today.