July 11, 2019

Considering Potential Luxury Rental Appliances, Part 1

At Bear Lake Luxury Rentals, we’re proud to offer a huge variety of luxury rentals for you to choose from, from cabin rentals to vacation homes and many other choices. Whether you’re a couple looking for a quick getaway, a family on the hunt for a new vacation destination or even a company planning your next corporate retreat, we have numerous options available for you.
There are several factors that will play a role in the vacation rental you ultimately choose for your next trip, and one such factor is the kinds and quality of amenities present in the rental. There are several vital areas to consider here, including asking detailed questions before renting if you need to – this multi-part blog will go over several of the essential amenities in important rental areas, plus certain others that may not always be included, but that are worth at least looking into.

Kitchen Considerations

The kitchen is one of the top considerations for any renter. While it’s always fun to dine out during a vacation, you need the ability to save some money with a few home-cooked meals, particularly if you’re bringing the whole family along. The first thing to consider is layout and space, and ensuring you’ll have enough legroom for everyone.
From here, a few of the general must-haves for the kitchen include:
• Toaster and toaster oven.
• Dishware: Glasses, plates, mugs, silverware, bottle openers and several other potential items should all be present. Feel free to request details about the dishware present before renting.
• Cookware: Cutting boards, pots, pans, knives, serving spoons, measuring cups and various other kitchen cookware are also important – you don’t want to have to bring any of these from home, obviously. Prioritize stainless steel products if possible.
• Salt and pepper shakers, plus other spices.
• Dish towels, oven mitts, paper towels and other basic cleaning materials.
• Han soap, dish soap, sponge.
• Trash container and trash bags, plus recycling container.
• Cupboard and pantry space.
• Coffee and tea makers and required supplies.
A few other areas that are not necessarily musts, but may be worth asking about in the kitchen:
• Blender or juicer.
• Kitchen bar or island table.
• Rice cooker or pastry mixer.

Entertainment and Rec

Most vacation rentals are used for entertainment purposes first and foremost, so it’s vital to ensure you have all the basic necessities here. These include:
• High-speed wireless internet, plus all required login information.
• High-definition television, along with cable or satellite and streaming services.
• DVD or Blu-Ray player, plus potentially a small library of movies.
And here are several other entertainment amenities that may or may not be on the property, but should be considered:
• Surround sound or speakers.
• Universal remote allowing for control of multiple devices at once.
• Game console like X-Box, PlayStation or Nintendo.
• Movie or media room, possibly including a home theater setup.
• Ping pong or pool table.
• Swimming pool, hot tub or sauna.
• Golf or tennis amenities.
• Books, games and other temporary entertainment products.
For more on the kinds of amenities you should be looking into when completing a luxury rental, or for information on any of our Bear Lake vacation rentals, speak to the staff at Bear Lake Luxury Rentals today.