June 19, 2019

Benefits and Planning Tips for Luxury Company Retreat Rentals, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the major benefits of holding company retreats at a beautiful rental property getaway like Bear Lake Luxury Rentals. Our gorgeous cabins, condos, houses and other rentals offer the perfect backdrop for a relaxing, productive company retreat, one where employees can both recharge and learn new things to boost productivity and company morale.

Today, we’ll dig a little deeper and look at some specific planning areas for these retreats. As always, our caring staff is at your disposal should you require specific materials or amenities for your group’s retreat. Here are some tips for planning a great company event.

Basic Goals

For starters, be sure to communicate to everyone involved what you hope to accomplish during the retreat. Are there specific business areas where your company is falling short and looking to improve? Are there stress areas that can be limited in some way? Or on the flip side, are things going generally well, with the retreat being used as a reward and a motivation to continue that strong performance?

Not only is this important for preparing everyone joining the retreat, it’s vital for any employees who are not coming as well. If you host a retreat without an explanation, those who aren’t invited will wonder what’s going on and why they weren’t included, and this could hurt morale.

Not Performance-Based

No matter what your goals or intentions during the retreat, it’s best not to make it performance-based – and we mean this in multiple ways. For one, while it’s great to expect involvement and attention during the retreat itself, rewarding or penalizing employees in these areas can be a very slippery slope in some cases.

In addition, don’t use future company retreats as an incentive during the year. These kinds of retreats, if they’re held, should happen regardless of performance – and, in fact, are often a great way to boost lowering performance.

Crowdsourcing and Involvement

A great way to help everyone feel involved is crowdsourcing certain elements of the retreat. Let certain groups pick dinner each night, for instance, or send out a survey in advance to everyone attending where they can weigh in on certain elements or activities.

Teambuilding – In Creative Ways

Teambuilding is a big part of any company retreat, but approaching it in creative ways is vital. People are wary of being pandered to with unoriginal, forced activities – rather, your goal is to create a comfortable, fun environment where people can learn more about each other while also building central skills and communication avenues.

Great Location

Finally, choosing a perfect location like Bear Lake is another must for any company retreat. The serenity and beauty of our properties will lend a relaxation and happiness to the entire event, a backdrop that will benefit your entire group.

For more on the benefits of our luxury offerings as a company retreat location, or to learn about any of our cabins, houses or other properties, speak to the staff at Bear Lake Luxury Rentals today.