June 17, 2019

Benefits and Planning Tips for Luxury Company Retreat Rentals, Part 1

At Bear Lake Luxury Rentals, we’re proud to offer high-quality rental property listings for several specific purposes. Our houses, cabins, condos and other vacation rentals are perfect for a variety of different groups and trip types, both personal and business-related.

One of the top uses of our luxury properties and beautiful views in the business world? For various corporate and company retreats. These retreats are a perfect way to combine work and pleasure, giving employees and management alike a getaway location to stay in while working on various company-related events or themes. This two-part blog series will dig into some of the numerous benefits of corporate retreats, plus some tips our professional team can offer you for building the perfect retreat for your business in one of our luxury rentals.


For many businesses, quality teamwork makes a true difference between success and failure. Employees need to feel comfortable with each other and within their roles, leading to the kind of day-to-day connectivity that keeps productivity high and customers happy.

If you still have employees who take a me-first approach to the job, a retreat is a great way of helping these independent thinkers work together as a team. Not only do these trips build actual skills, their destinations and the care put into them also build a familial feel among everyone who works for you. People experience things together, and feel more connected because of it.

General Morale and Stress

In other cases, managers or business owners may use a company retreat to help boost lowering morale or rising stress levels. The best management figures know that simply receiving a paycheck isn’t always enough to quell employee concerns – rather, many want to know their company genuinely cares about them and is willing to go to greater lengths to improve their well-being.

In addition, breaking a pattern of stress for employees can be a huge boost. Maybe you’ve been through a recent period of high business activity across the board, raising stress levels for everyone – taking a business retreat to both unwind and reflect on the job that was done can be very valuable.

New Tasks and Talents

A company retreat is a perfect opportunity to put employees and managers alike into new positions they might not ordinarily be in during day-to-day operations. Through various activities, you may discover new strengths or talents in certain members of your workforce, talents that can be put to good use once you’re back in the office.

Company Value

Finally, research has time and again proven the value of company retreats. Better employee morale has specific connections to profit and value, and happy employees are well-known to be more motivated and willing to go the extra mile. Companies with higher morale have almost 50 percent higher values on the whole than companies with poor morale.

To learn more about the value of a company retreat, or for information on planning your next retreat in one of our luxury rentals, speak to the staff at Bear Lake Luxury Rentals today.