4 Best Beaches Along Bear Lake

Photo Credit: Bryant Olsen via Flickr CC2.0

Are you a beach lover traveling to Bear Lake? Pack your favorite swimsuit! You don’t need to venture abroad to soak up delicious sunshine, exfoliating sand, and breathtaking views. Bear Lake is home to magical turquoise waters and velvety sandy beaches. It’s no surprise people often refer to it as the Caribbean of the Rockies.

Yes, the region features lovely hiking trails, boating opportunities, and endless nature fun. But if you’re craving a day in the sand, you must check out the beaches. Luckily, you’re never far from one if you’re staying at one of our luxurious Bear Lake rentals !

We’ll walk you through the best Bear Lake beaches, things to do there, and pro tips along the way. First things first, let’s cover a few quick facts about Bear Lake.

Bear Lake: An Overview

Breathtaking year-round, Bear Lake is a 110 square miles long glimmering aquamarine wonder. The top portion of the lake sits on the Idaho side, while the lower part is in Utah. Almost equally divided into both states, this freshwater lake welcomes over 600,000 visitors yearly, even during the crisp winter months.

Birthplace to the folklore of a mysterious water serpent, Bear Lake attracts curious travelers hoping to spot the Bear Lake Monster. So the budding mythology or history buff will enjoy the trip, too.

However, most tourists flock to Bear Lake to swim and indulge in fishing, kayaking, and simple beachside frolicking. This slice of paradise is ideal for family bonding or simply unwinding in solitude.

Beaches Around Bear Lake

A Bear Lake getaway requires a little planning. If you explore the shore on a whim, you’ll be greeted by lakefront cabins and wetlands — a large grassy area with marshes. To avoid muddy shoes, head to one or all of these four incredible Bear Lake beaches.

1. Rendezvous Beach

Photo Credit: howderfamily.com via Flickr CC2.0

  • Location : Near Laketown, Utah
  • Notable features: Jet-ski, picnic tables, vermillion sunset skies

Rendezvous Beach sits near Laketown, Utah, on the south side of Bear Lake. A day spent here is the definition of fun in the sun.

Fancy a ride on a jet ski? Rent one for day use and zig-zag your way through the clear, pristine waters. Later, you can recuperate by lying on the soft sand with a good book, the sun’s rays gently charging you with warmth and a sweet tan. If hunger strikes you, restaurants are only an arm’s reach.

Itching for a lakeside picnic? Bring a large umbrella. The sun is blazing and shady areas in this beach area are limited.

As for pricing? Admission ranges from $20-$35. If you’re traveling with a furry friend, find a sitter. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t permitted on this beach.

Pro Tip: Stay until twilight! You’ll marvel at the sun setting against the silhouettes of majestic cliffs — truly cinematic!

2. North Beach State Park

Photo Credit: bearlakevacation

  • Location: Near St. Charles, Idaho
  • Notable features: Vibrant turquoise waters, floating food truck, water skiing

Close to the quaint town of St. Charles , Idaho, North Beach is a popular scenic beachfront along beautiful Bear Lake. The views of gem-colored waters, cool breeze, and silky sand invite you to slow down and get happily lost in relaxation.

With such sublime features, North Beach draws quite a crowd on a sweltering summer day. So head there early in the morning and grab a comfy spot. You can make a reservation by purchasing a day pass online before your trip.

This beach on Bear Lake’s northern end is ideal for swimmers and water sports lovers. For adventurous people, you can rent high-quality paddleboards, jet skis, and kayaks.

During summertime, Bear Lake Burger Boat’s floating food truck shows up right when your stomach starts rumbling. They offer mouthwatering burgers and ice cream sandwiches.

3. Cisco Beach

Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

  • Location: Near Black Mountain, Utah
  • Notable features: Dog-friendly, scuba diving, swimming, and fishing

Cisco Beach is a not-so-sandy beach on Bear Lake’s eastern shore in Northern Utah. An idyllic place for when you can’t be bothered to brush off heaps of sand from your belongings.

Dotted with rocks, this beach has an impressive cliff with a sudden drop-off of over 200 feet beyond the water’s surface. It attracts divers begging to explore an underwater cave and the Buckeye — a sunken boat under Cisco Beach.

With its flourishing marine life and perfect water levels, Cisco Beach is a magnet for swimmers and anglers. It gets its name from the Bonneville Cisco fish, small whitefish that thrive in Bear Lake.

Fishermen can expect to catch these and others like trout, bass, and sculpins. Need a boat? There are plenty of boat rentals around Bear Lake !

It’s also one of the few beaches in the area that welcomes dogs, as long as they’re on a leash.

Due to a lack of sand and rocky terrain, lay-on-the-beach type groups tend to skip it. So, if you’re hoping to escape the crowds, the lovely Cisco beach is perfect for you.

4. Bear Lake State Park – Marina

Photo Credit: Tampa

  • Location: Bear Lake State Park, Utah
  • Notable features: Grocery store for snacks, famous raspberry shakes, fishing, and boating gear rental

Bear Lake State Park’s Marina is a stone’s throw away from Garden City , Utah, on the tip of Bear Lake State Park . This beautiful beach on the western shore of Bear Lake is perfect for boaters and has plenty of amenities for a full day of family fun. Visitors can access hot showers, restrooms, picnic tables, and restaurants.

Visiting out-of-state? Remember, non-Idaho residents have to pay a small $25 parking fee.

Enjoy the rolling waves and sunshine, or go fishing from the dock to revel in nature’s simple pleasures. Just stop by the convenience store first, which is stocked with snacks and fishing gear.

Pack a picnic and a canopy for an au natural experience. If you’re traveling with kids, bring toys — the sand on this shore is excellent for sandcastles.

Before you go, make sure you try a refreshing raspberry shake at La Beau’s. Remember, Bear Lake has the ideal elevation and climate for high-quality raspberries to thrive in the region.

Visit Bear Lake’s Beaches

Longing to experience all this beachside fun? Stay a few nights in Bear Lake and bring your loved ones with you.

Once you get your seaside fix, the lingering fragrance of raspberries will gently follow you as you turn in for the night at one of our luxury Bear Lake vacation rentals . The area is super popular year-round, so book a rental in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment.

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